Sig Adelmann of Castleton, NY. 

Sig recently writes, "It's still a hoot ! Thanks for the design"

Sig built his trailer over a year ago.


What is a Push Trailer?

In this case, it's an Electric Powered Bicycle Trailer that let's you carry cargo as it also provides propulsion for your bike.  And, YOU can build one for yourself from our plan set.

Built to the plan specs, it can assist you for up to 25+ miles on average terrain with bursts of speed up to 30+ MPH on flat paved surfaces.

Note: Building this trailer from our plan set will require some welding, one machining step, and one sheet metal bending step.

Important Note:

This Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer is designed to be powered by a Hub-Motor drive system and batteries that the individual builders would purchase and install after construction of the frame is completed.

Hub-Motor systems are widely available on the Web by searching Hub Motor or Electric Bicycle Conversion. There are several EBAY sellers that we like, but there are many to choose from. Contact us for our favorites.

The use of an electric drive system on this Push-Trailer is NOT intended to replace pedaling or to be the sole propulsion source for your bike. It is to provide assistance ONLY.

Would you like to purchase a completed trailer frame rather than build one yourself?
We do understand that not everyone who has taken an interest in our design has the skill or equipment to build it.
So, we are offering to provide a limited number of completed trailer frames that the purchaser would
outfit with their own, drive system, batteries, and hardware. 
The cost is $295.00 plus shipping within the continental U.S. only (sorry). 
Contact us for a complete description of what you'll get and the options that you can add. 



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