Current 18XX Play-by-E-Mail (PBEM) games in progress

These are 18xx games that I was currently running or playing.
As of 16-May-2000, Delta Epsilon has ended.

For more Internet PBEM 18XX games, check out Mostly 1835 (Bill Stoll) , Andy Lange's site or Rob Stimet's 18XX Ladder

1830 General stuff

These need a little touch up. The map is missing the home base labels. The tile inventory is for all SW positions.

  • Blank Map board
  • Tile Inventory



    1830 Delta Zeta

    A 5 player game started 28/Oct/1997. (mostly local to US).

    1830 Delta Epsilon

    A 5 player game with a mix of players. Done.

    1830 Delta Gamma

    A  "fast game" complete.

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    Author: Dave Mitton , Last update: 20-May-2000
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