Starring: Sook-Yin Lee - Paul Dawson - Lindsay Beamish - PJ DeBoy - Raphael Barker - - - - -
Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Rating: NR
Category: Sex Comedy
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Date Scanned/Entered:Aug 19, 2010
Running Time: 1:42
Format: DVD
Copyright Date: Jan 1, 2006

Color Dolby

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John Cameron Mitchell, who created a cult sensation as writer and director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, blazes a brave new trail with this comedy-drama which combines the stories of a handful of emotionally unsatisfied New Yorkers with some of the most explicit sexual material to ever appear in a mainstream motion picture. Sofia (Sook-Yin Lee) is a couples' therapist who has a major relationship problem of her own -- she's never had an orgasm, and her husband Rob (Raphael Barker) doesn't seem capable of giving her one. Sophia's clients include James and Jamie (Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy), a gay couple who have been together for five years and are beginning to grow tired of one another. As James and Jamie discuss the possibility of bringing another man into the bedroom, Sophia accidentally mentions her problem, and they tell her of an upcoming "Shortbus Party," a sexual free-for-all in which straight, gay, and lesbian couples are all welcome to either talk about sex or take a more active role in the main ballroom. As James and Jamie hook up with Ceth (Jay Brannan) for some mutually satisfying action at the bash, Sophia experiments with Sapphic diversions, and begins to truly find herself when she encounters Severin (Lindsay Beamish), a professional dominatrix. However, while Sophia begins to find what she needs with Severin, she discovers that while Severin is able to casually enter into a sexual relationship, she's never been able to emotionally commit herself to someone else. Shortbus was screened in competition at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Trailers; Gifted and Challenged: The Making of Shortbus; How to Shoot Sex: A Docu-Primer; Deleted scenes with filmmaker & cast commentary; Trailer gallery; Filmmaker & cast feature commentary; 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround; 16:9 anamorphic full frame presentation (1.78:1); Closed captioned; Spanish and French subtitles

Scene Index
Disc #1 -- Shortbus
1. Opening Sequence [6:55]
2. I'm Home [2:39]
3. Jamie & James [8:16]
4. The Mistress of Shortbus [3:57]
5. Yenta 650 [4:33]
6. Bitch [3:07]
7. About New York [5:34]
8. Star-Spangled Banner [7:32]
9. A Place of Love [2:52]
10. Non-Smoking Environment [5:26]
11. The Egg [6:28]
12. Three-Way [6:11]
13. Truth or Dare [4:38]
14. You Gave It Away? [2:45]
15. For Jamie [4:21]
16. This One's for Her [6:14]
17. My Film [4:23]
18. Calm [4:14]
19. In the End [5:23]
20. End Credits [5:51]