This page is undergoing major constructions; however my tribute to my husband, Bruce, who died June 24, 1999, is complete. Please visit it to learn how special this human being was.. and is.

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Also watch this spot on updates on books planning on being published on De's life. Also see this page for information about a personal memoir written by Kris Smith about De. Kris has been given permission to write/publish biographical books on DeForest Kelley. Thank you.


Please click here to read a Tribute to this Wonderful Dog

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There are so many places on the internet that offer support and resources for those who have lost a pet. I'd like to link to a few here, which then also provides more links. In Memory of Pets allows you to provide tributes, read of other's losses and realize you are not alone. Meggie's Rainbow Connection has a lot of sources of support, as does Superdog. If you'd like to participate in tributes, or candle ceremonies, here is where you would like to go. Ask Kitty is a place where you can truly "ask an expert" about your grief and loss.

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