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On this page are scans of my personal collection of pre-WW2 Brooklyn Superbas and Brooklyn Dodgers, specifically T-205, T-206 and 1933 Goudey.  They are shown larger than they really are for higher detail.



T - 2 0 5    B R O O K L Y N    S U P E R B A S

Edward Barger - full B

Edward Barger - partial B

George Bell

William Bergen

William Dahlen

Jacob Daubert

John Hummell

Edgar Lennox

Pryor McElveen

George Rucker

W.D. "Doc" Scanlan

Tony Smith


Irvin Wilhelm


T - 2 0 6    B R O O K L Y N    S U P E R B A S

Whitey Alperman

George Bell - hands above head

George Bell - pitching follow thru

Bill Bergen - batting

Bill Bergen - catching

Al Burch - batting

Al Burch - fielding

Bill Dahlen

Joe Dunn

John Hummel

George Hunter

Tim Jordan - batting

Tim Jordan - portrait

Ed Lennox

Harry Lumley

Doc Marshall

Pryor McElveen

Harry McIntyre - Brooklyn

Harry McIntyre - Bkln & Chi


Harry Pattee

Nap Rucker - portrait

Nap Rucker - throwing

Happy Smith

Zach Wheat

Kaiser Wilhelm - hands at chest

Kaiser Wilhelm - with bat


1 9 3 3    G O U D E Y    B R O O K L Y N    D O D G E R S



1 9 3 5    G O U D E Y    B R O O K L Y N    D O D G E R S    4    I N    1