High Court of Minsterpool
(updated July 18, 2007)

The High Court for the Land convenes once a year. It is your job as the family Patriarch/Matriarch to ensure that the Court Members remember you, and pass judgments and laws in your favor. But of course, other families in the realm are doing likewise, and the Court is fickle, and most have a short memory. Using bribes, favors, and the occasional blood relative marriage, you gain favor with various members of the Court. And for those members don't favor you, well, time eventually gets the best of them and their relationships. Especially when you can help nudge those relationships apart, or speed up their retirement with a little skullduggery.

There are three sets of rules. All of the rules talk about using tiles to make Influence choices; I have updated the graphics to be used as cards, so there's a slight disconnect in the graphics in the html rules. However, the .pdf has been updated with cards.

The MOST COMPLETE set of rules in .pdf format which can be clicked to get here. (Updated July 18, 2007. New turn order rules.)

And you'll need to get the following graphic files for printing, cutting, and pasting onto your favorite cardboard or foamcore.
The Court Justices.
Cards and Tiles. (Updated July 18, 2007. New Turn Order pieces.)

Players select three tiles from their hands, and then play the required Actions shown on the tiles in order. Playing Actions let player add Influence to various Court Members. At the end of each round of Actions, Court Members score Victory Points to the players that have the most Influence on them.

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