ANTIQUE TO 1940'S  (Photos available)


1920's KEWPIE with cloth body 24", molded hair; VGC $250
*1930's 8" BLACK Doll:  w/mohair wig, vintage outfit that could very well be orig.  Very good condition-no crazing at all.  $85
*27" HORSMAN BABY ROSEMARY (at least l believe it is!)  Perfect condit in vintage clothes-has eyebrows that makes me think it isn't Dimples, but has them and isn't the mama doll.  Great;rewigged SALE: $275!
*AMERICAN CHARACTER BYE LO BABY Compo, some repainting.  $250
(I have several porcelain repro Bye Lo Babies if interested $85 up-just ask!)
MARY HOYER compo w/red mohair, orig crocheted gown with some repairs needed.  $175
1920's 28" FULPER-looking face compo baby with a cloth body in exc condit; replaced sandy blonde wig w/long ringlets appropriate for her; teeth, tin eyes and lashes $245.
*1920's FULPER - type 27" compo and straw body baby.  Has orig wig - not great, but
there.  Had some repainting that isn't great.  But she has an open mouth with
teeth.  $175 - CHEAP!
26" Beautiful Painted face 1930's w/orig mohair wig that isn't very nice, but there $185
*8" 1940's SPANISH "Delores" (tag was on identical doll-this has no tag) Ex cndt $45
*8" 1940's DUTCH Couple all orig. Perfect condit. $85 pair.
*Several 10" - 15" 40's Compos in MINT condit.  Vintage redressed $65 each!
*LOVELY 19" COMPO F&B PATSY ANN in great condition in a vintage dress with a little paint flaking on one arm only $349
Her metal blade ice skates and wooden skis and poles!  $50 per pair
*Compo Patsy Look Alike:  "LIL SIS, A TOY PRODUCT". 15" ALL ORIG.  Terrific!  $165
*14" Compo PATSY Clone in a cowgirl outfit with some minor retouching on toes.$145
WWll - 1945 - Compo/Cloth ARMY and NAVY guys!  Two cloth body, compo head with molded hair dolls dressed as an Army guy and a Navy guy.  These 16" dolls are near mint and have the cartoony disk rolling eyes.  $125 each, $235 pair. 
There is also another cloth body doll with the same head, generic attire $95 Photos
*8" all orig jointed Dionne TYPE baby $65-perfect. 
20" Compo head, cloth body blond Cowboy!  original except hat!  $95
14" 1930's NUN in excellent condition and all original $95
*****I have several unmarked composition dolls from 14" to 24" babies.  If you have an interest, I will give you more detailed descriptions and send the photo!


1)*Early 1920's straw-body compo Boudoir Doll in orig gown.  Original hair lashes, mohair blonde wig. SALE: $185.
2)*Another 20's bed doll  compo head in exc condit but redressed in a great gown $175
3)*Later 1930-40's plastic head and limbs Bed Doll in great condit is $135-all original!


*1920's 1" African Native that is winking!  She has a tiny grass skirt and has her original earrings-how has this teeny treasure survived for 70+ years without getting lost, tossed,  or crushed?!  Her little head turns too!  $65
*3 1/2" bisque jointed Made In Japan with three pigtails!  $65.
*1930-40's ALL CLOTH RUSSIAN TEA COZY - Painted face. Excellent Condit.  $145
*Late 1940's ALL ORIGINAL FURGA 24" blonde mohair wig, purple dress, orig.
shoes. Some paint chipped on neck; the rest is great!  SALE: $75.
Occupied Japan crawler
in orignal outfit; wind up mechanism may not work but doll in excellent condition $65
*Two German, one 9" DRPA, one 5" w/a little person w/two balls held above
extended arms.  Both have original crocheted outfits w/ little purses and
hats--PERFECT $95 pair.
*3 1/2" FRANCE 9 child in orig. white top, yellow print skirt, fully jointed.
Small dent in nose; $50
*4" Japan boy dressed as a little Alpine lad; all orig. $25
*3" Fully jointed nude , crease in back of head.  Marked w/ a star with an "R"
in the center and Made in Japan below on back.  $30.
*Perfect 5" molded hair fully jointed (but loose) boy marked Occupied Japan
with something illegible above it.  $45.
*5" girl with orig hat and top (red/white check) w/ missing legs; no other
flaws or creases.  A diamond w/ an "X" in the middle w/ Made In Japan below
on back.   $25.
*8-9" chubby baby in orig. diaper attached to its orig. wooden stand with a
tin bottle holder/planter(?) with a picture of a cat on the front.  Doll marked Occupied Japan hole in foot where it was originally attached to wood thing.  $75.
*Fireman w/ cloth body, 7" perfect, no fading $45.            (Item total $455)
There are hundreds of listings in my 50-80's file; do request and I'll send.