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Photography, Art and Artists

Patrick Hale - Great landscape photographer.

Chihuahuan Desert Outdoors

Big Bend National Park - One of America's largest National Parks

Centennial Museum - A cultural and natural history museum specializing in the Chihuahuan Desert. Features a great listing of Chihuahuan Desert plants.

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park - A non-profit organization dedicated to increasing scientific literacy by fostering an understanding of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Chihuahuan Desert Wildlife Rescue - A non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing Chihuahuan Desert wildlife. Excellent resource on Chihuahuan Desert animals and insects, complete with photos!

Dripping Springs Trail - Hiking trail on the west side of the Organ Mountains.

El Camino Real International Heritage Center - The International Heritage Center presents a 400-year history of trade and cultural exchange between Mexico, America, Spain, Europe and Asia.

Sierra Vista Trail - Scenic trail along the base of the Organ Mountains.

Soledad Canyon - A nice hiking trail in the Organ Mountains.

Travel Photography

Petrophoto - Photos of Travels, Cities, Landscapes, Constructions and Events in Europe, North America and Asia. (France, Germany, Canada, Thailand, United-States, Macedonia, Serbia, United-Kingdom, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Sweden)


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