Donna-June's Diary
 a stereotypical 1950ís television housewife

Last Updated 22 January 2005

Friday 25 October 2002 ;  I am off on a weeks vacation so I normally dress the entire day of Halloween.  My wife decided that I was going to be baby nelle for Halloween and it was also decided that I would be baby nelle for the entire week.  I dressed up as baby nelle but could not get into it since baby nelle upset my wife so much.  We discussed this and then came up with the agreement that I was going to be a stereotypical 1950ís television housewife.  Similar to June Cleaver or Donna Reed but fulltime in long full skirts complete with petticoats and high heels.  This will also include scarf and gloves whenever I go out.  If I am going to experience the real lifestyle of a stereotypical 1950ís television housewife the only time I will be allowed out of dresses with crinolines is bedtime or working in the yard where a dress and high heels are not possible.  After this weeks trial we might continue this on a permanent basis.  My wife resisted helping me do this because stereotypical 1950ís television housewives were totally dedicated and lived only to take care of their husbands, family, and their home.  According to her this wasnít right and demeaned women.  I informed her many times that I entirely agreed with her but this is just what I wanted to experience to the fullest.   So if you live in Northern California you might see me out and about.   

Saturday 26 October 2002 ;  Got dressed this morning but had to a wear square dancing skirt which is too short until my wife gets around to making me more appropriate style and length of dresses.  She is suppose to do this on Sunday or Monday.  We went out to the fabric store today and I didnít wear the petticoats because I didnít have my make-up on.  We also decided that now I must put make-up on when I get up so this does not happen again.  I will also have to purchase some seamed stockings to wear and some girdles that hold me in firmer if we do continue.  The one drawback I found so far is that girdles are really a pain to wear and will take some time getting use to.  For all of my obsessions as my wife calls them my main goal is to live it as realistic as possible.  What I need from any one reading this is what are some of the attributes for a 1950ís style housewife and what does she do?  Also any input to make this new and hopefully long term lifestyle more realistic will be helpful.

Sunday 27 October 2002 : Today was the first entire day in my new role. I got up and got dressed then did my hair in a bouffant style and finally did my make-up.  My outfit consists of panties and bra,  pantyhose, a girdle, a full slip (knee length straight style), a bouffant crinoline, blouse, skirt, and a belt, I also wear pearl earrings, necklace, and bracelet. The first thing I did was to start the laundry and dishes before putting on a scarf and taking a break in the back yard. My wife came out with me and we discussed my new role. We decided that she and I need to come up with a daily chore list for me so I can keep the house as she likes it. My wife then decided we needed some plastic to make dress patterns with from the garage so in heels and scarf I had to dig through the garage and find the items she needed. Later she decided that I was going to fix dinner so she started teaching me how to cook. Soon I think that I will be making a menu for her approval and cooking most of the meals. I already have taken over the dishes and house cleaning. Another difficult thing that I have discovered I am going to have to get use to is being in high heels all day everyday regardless of what I do. Of course this does exclude mowing the lawn and working in the yard where heels are impossible to wear.  Must close as it is time to curl my hair for the night. Tomorrow I am going to get even a fuller bouffant hairstyle and then go out and find some short gloves and seamed stockings.  

Monday 28 October 2002 :  Today I added another component to my outfit; stockings instead of pantyhose.  My outfit now consists of panties and bra, a garter belt since my girdle doesn't have places for hooks, a girdle, a full slip (knee length straight style), a bouffant crinoline, blouse, skirt, and a belt, I also wear pearl earrings, necklace, and bracelet.  I found out this morning that trying to unroll and style wet hair is impossible.  I also found out that once hair has been hair sprayed to death there is no re-rolling the hair without washing it.  I think I am going to have to sleep in curlers only when I bathe.  That means I will only sleep in curlers after this week every other night.  I am delaying my trip to the store because of how bad my hair turned out.  In the past my wifeís attitude was let me do my thing and she would welcome a few free days before I came around to realize what she was doing.  Then everything would go back to status quo with her doing the cooking and the house rarely getting cleaned.  Come to think of it I am not really taking a whole lot off her shoulders.  To her a clean house is nice but not necessary.  Well this afternoon as soon as my wife got up and had her morning coffee she started making my first dress.  

Tuesday 29 October 2002 ;  Today my wife finished my first dress.  During the finishing of the dress I got a call from work. I was planning on taking a month off from work to be pregnant.  This phone call made me have to decide right then whether I was going to be pregnant or not during that time. When we started this trial we had said that after a week we would decide whether to continue or not.  I decided the decision would be based on whether or not I would be my wifeís full time 1950ís housewife.  After a short discussion we decided that since I still wanted it and that my wife was enjoying me doing things for her we would continue this on a more permanent basis.  Well my wife finished the dress and there are not words in the dictionary that can justice for the dress.  I have always had the desire to be a 1950ís house wife but the shirtwaist style put me off.  What a stupid, stupid restraint I put on myself just because I didnít like button front shirts.  After a few adjustments to the crinolines I looked at myself in the mirror.  To say the least the dress was perfect and my heart bounded directly into a 1950ís womanís role.  Tomorrow my wife is going to do my hair in a 1950ís style which I will wear in every weekend and every vacation from now on.  My wife then needed to go out and do some shopping so I grabbed my purse.  Whoops;  1950ís women didnít carry shoulder bags.  I pulled out a hand bag that would do and switched the contents.  Then I tried to sling it over the shoulder when I realized that I had to carry this hand bad over the elbow.  Well I put a scarf on my head and out we went shopping.  First stop was the video store and then to another store to get lipstick for me among other things.  Then we stopped and got some takeout before heading home.  I got a few stares and laughs from some teenagers which upset me some since it is only 2 days from Halloween.  I will just have to get use to this.  Today was an eventful day in another way as my body finally adjusted to the constant compression of my girdle.  

Wednesday 30 October 2002 ;  Today was my first day in my new dress.  My wife also started a second one for me.  I am confused why she needs a new top pattern since all that needs to be done is modify the neckline some but she has her reasons.  Since she is super at sewing I leave it up to her to figure out how to do it.  She also did my hair in a more 1950ís style.  I had my hair way too curly and frizzy on the top.  The 1950ís style has straight top with curls around the bottom.   After she finished my hair looked a lot closer to the 1950ís look I am trying for.  We still have to work on my hair to achieve a realistic look but we are very close already.  Last night we had a discussion and my wife told me that the woman made all the decisions on what to cook, how to furnish the house, and what clothes she and her children wore.  This was not the lifestyle I wanted to live so this morning we had another talk.  What I wanted is to be a 1950ís television style housewife with a dominant partner.  What I mean by dominant partner is the partner makes the decisions on how the house is to be kept, how the meals are prepared, and where we go and what we do.  I still have a some say in whether I go with or do things with my partner but she still can over rule me if she feels the need.  This should fit very well with her personality so the only adjustments I feel she needs to do is to realize the role she plays, allow her natural controlling tendencies to come out, and enjoy the outcome.  Once we have enough dresses, and crinolines made for me the pull on her for making more clothing for me will greatly subside. As my new life progresses I started my new housecleaning chores using a system she used called ďSide Tracked Home ExecutiveĒ.  The housework takes a lot of time but as soon as I get the house in order it should be manageable.   I only hope that my wife will get use to this and come to depend on it.  Today I also started to learn to do more cooking for my wife.  Another advancement was made today towards my housewife progression.  I had to remove my dress to try on the new dress my wife is making so she could fit it to me.  In between the fittings I wore my robe so I could easily slip it off for the next fitting.  In between one of these fittings I was in the putting away the food from dinner and cleaning up the Kitchen.  While I was loading the dishwasher I started wondering if I had removed my high heels when I removed my dress.  When I moved aside my robe and petticoats to take a look I discovered to my surprise that I was still in heels.  I am amazed how quickly my body was adjusting to my new lifestyle. It also amazes me how easily the human body can adjust to changes to it.  Tonight my wife showed me how to roll up my hair in the newly chosen 1950ís style.  Tomorrow I will have her comb it out and show me how to fix it for the day.    

Thursday 31 October, 2002 :  Today I got up and got dressed.  Then I put a scarf on my head while I did the house work waiting for my wife to get up and do my hair.  When she did she tried and tried to come up with a style but was not too successful with my long hair.  I have been trying to get her to cut it so it can be styled into a 1950ís hair style but she likes it long.  We will still have to work on my hair style.  Someday we will get it right.  Tonight I will try smaller rollers.  My wife also finished my second dress today and not a minute too soon as this one is getting a bit smelly. I will wash this one tomorrow after we get back from the movies.  Today was also my first day in preparing a meal myself.  My wife gave me the recipe and I had to do the rest.  Dinner wasnít too bad for my first attempt since we were married.  I guess I should hold back writing some things here since my wife might start using them against me.  I guess since I am now a full time stereotypical 1950ís television housewife the dress I am wearing really isnít a costume any more so I guess once again I missed dressing for Halloween.  Well I will have to try again next year.   

Friday 1 November, 2002 :  We found out that my new dressís waist is too high so we have decided that it will only be worn around the house for housework.  So when we got ready to go out to a movie and do some shopping I changed into my first dress.  Luckily for me that I washed it earlier in the morning.  My hair came out better but instead of brushing out the hair it needs to be just shaped into the correct style.  I wore a white sweater and a scarf as we went out and saw ďSanta Clause 2Ē.  The movie was pretty good and I felt great in my petticoated dress.  I again put on my scarf before we left the theater and removed it when we entered the mall where we bought me some gloves which I wore out of the store.  We  then bought some hats which I again wore the one that matched my dress out of that store.  From then on my hat and gloves stayed on until I got home.  At the store where we bought the hat another shopper there commented on how nice my dress was and wanted to know if my wife could sew a modest dress for her 10 year old daughter.  I also thought I heard the check out clerk say she liked the outfit also.  After the mall we went to the video store, the grocery store, and then the drug store.  I am so happy that finally have a complete outfit.  Because of us being out shopping for 5 hours I had to finish my housework late in the evening and I probably wonít get to finish my housework tomorrow since we are going to have company.  One thing I have discovered it that I am going to need at least 4 or 5 dresses since I get so sweaty in them.  I think 2 will last me on the weekends but changing into a dress every night after work like I had planned on may have to wait until I get more dresses and crinolines to wear.     

Saturday 2 November, 2002 :  Rolled my hair last night then tried to fix it this morning.  It would not style with a comb so I brushed it out and disaster struck.  My hair turned into a frizz ball.  I had to straighten it and then my wife fixed it in a better style.  We are coming to the realization that to get my hair into a 1950ís style it needs to be cut. I dressed in my work dress to do housework until it got close to the time for our guests to arrive and then did my make-up and changed into my other dress.  I then sat down and waited for our guests to call so I can pick them up at the Bart station.  Well they finally called so I went in and freshened my lipstick, put on my gloves and hat then grabbed my purse before heading out the door.  When I got to the Bart station and the guests came over to the van they were a little apprehensive about seeing me in 1950ís clothes.  My wife who came with me told them that it was my Halloween costume and I wear my costume all week.  Well we got back home and after a few minutes our guests slowly became comfortable with the new me.  Soon we were chatting like old times and they even wanted to know more about me from my wife.  My wife made dinner and I helped her and did most of the clean-up.  Dinner was delicious and the evening was a huge success.  Late into the evening it was time to take them back to the Bart station so I again freshened my lipstick, put on my sweater, gloves, and hat and grabbed my purse before heading out the door.  My brother went with me on the way back and after we dropped off our guests he and I discussed our fears about their acceptance.  We both agreed that because our guests knew me before they saw me cross dressed they were less reluctant towards seeing me cross dressed than they could have been.  All in all the evening went real well.  Tonight I will sleep in a hair net instead of curlers to see how my hairstyle survives the night.    

Sunday 3 November, 2002 :  This morning I got up and got dressed in my housework dress.  I finished my housework and then changed dresses and put on make-up so I would be ready to go to the store when my wife was ready.  While doing the housework I needed to go outside and repair the sprinkler system.  While I was repairing the system I realized that for the first time I wasnít thinking about removing the outfit so I could do some work.  I was only thinking about getting it dirty with nothing to change into.  If that wasnít a problem I would have dug in and did some yard work in the dress.  When she was ready I put on my gloves and hat, picked up my purse and off we went.  At the store there were many stares but no comments.  I had a great time and enjoyed every minute.  The only drawback there was the store gives out free samples and eating the free samples is impossible with white gloves and red lipstick.  One attempt and my gloves were stained red.  I also have to be careful when picking up the food as the gloves make the packages slippery.  While entering the store a gentleman told me how nice I looked.  It is these comments that make me feel like continuing to wear the outfits I love in public regardless what others may say or think  When we got home we had our end of vacation discussion.  I just wish that I can get it through my wifeís head that the scenario I want is a full time housewife wearing only full skirts or full skirt dresses that have numerous crinolines underneath them.  The outfit must also include: nylon stockings; a girdle or all-in-one, high heels, and jewelry.  This is to be worn at all times except for yard work or when I am at work.  Instead she wants ďpencilĒ style skirts at times.  I reluctantly agreed to this with conditions.  We then took pictures and watched television until I took a shower and removed the outfit.  The numerous changes that I went through this week and the speed of adjustment to my new life was fascinating.  After the progress I made this week I feel that when I do this for 3 full weeks in December by the third week it will be second nature to me.   

15 November 2002 :  My wife has come up with a new name for me.  She combined Donna Reed from ďThe Donna Reed ShowĒ and June Cleaver from ďLeave it to BeaverĒ into Donna-June.  We both love the name so that will be my name from now on.  I am even changing my name on my e-mail address and on the internet to Donna-June.  My wife and I have decided that each week we will make up a list of things I need to do on the weekend.  On Thursday night we will combine the lists and determine which ones can be done by Donna-June and which ones need to be done in my male role.  Then on Friday after all the work that requires my male persona is done I will switch over to Donna-June for the rest of the weekend.   Last night I rolled the ends of my hair in small curlers.  I want to eventually get three rows of curls.  This morning when I styled my hair it came out very close to a 1950ís hairstyle.  I am very pleased with my look so far.  Now I need glasses and I will be making an eye appointment next week and hopefully get my new glasses in a week or two.  My wife and I still need to discuss the style of glasses I should get.  I want ďcat eyesĒ and she does not.  Maybe I can get a modified ďcat eyeĒ.  We went to see Harry Potter today wearing the same outfit I wore to Santa Clause 2 except this time I wore my gloves and hat.  I felt great and I did not notice too much attention.  I had to stand in the ticket line while my wife parked the car.  On the way back home it struck me that in all my fantasies I never thought that I would be in a full skirted dress with petticoats underneath and wearing a hat and gloves.  This realization pleased me and I couldnít wait to get back home and finish my housework.  After we got home I decided to plant some plants and I thought for a second or two about changing into something that I wouldnít mind messing up but since I donít have any other dresses I decided to plant the plants very carefully.  I donned my rubber gloves and went outside and did my planting.   I also donned my rubber gloves and a plastic apron to finish painting a shelf I was making for work.  The one thing I still need work on is remembering to put my lipstick back on after eating.  I only hope that my wife will not get tired of this practice.  I also need to work on crushing my hair style while sleeping.  Maybe putting my hair up on top of my head before putting on my hair net will keep me from crushing my hairstyle.   

17 November 2002 :  Yesterday my wife finished another petticoat for me.  It is about as full as the set I have now but I still wanted it fuller.  After showing my wife a picture of the size I wanted she decided that it was to much effort to make petticoats so we decided to purchase and alter them.   Well she finished altering the new one and it is definitely fuller.   A little too full for everyday wear but a lot better than the other ones that I have.  I will just have to get use to doing housework in this fuller one.  I think my wife is really getting into this and that fact makes me real happy.  Tonight she laughed when she saw my trying to manage my petticoats.  It makes me so relieved that finally we have something that we both like to do.  After wearing my new petticoat awhile I think I am finally getting use to my new petticoat and maybe it isnít too full after all.  I have discovered that it does take longer to use the restroom since it takes more time to re-arrange my petticoat now.  While using the restroom I realized that each and every week I am getting closer and closer to being the 1950ís housewife that I wish to be.  I ordered some new girdles and I hope they will be here before Thanksgiving so for the Thanksgiving holiday I can be fully transformed into the 1950ís housewife look. I am looking forward to completing my new look. Then it is only a matter for me to become fully instilled in my new role.  My wife is coming along in her part of allowing and helping me to be her 1950ís housewife.  I hope that she will eventually become more demanding and dependent on me.  I really want to treat her like a 1950ís housewife treats her husband.  Tonight I am also cooking dinner again so I am glad that cooking is becoming a part of my life too.  I noticed another milestone today.  I had to get a dress form for my wife from the basement and it was buried.  Instead of thinking about getting out of my dress I had a passing thought that the job would be easier if I wasnít wearing a skirt.  I then proceeded to open the front garage door and retrieve the dress form.  I then put everything away before closing the door and taking the form upstairs.  After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen I looked at my reflection in the door glass and realized that my silhouette was perfect with the new petticoat so I am going to have to get use to wearing it and living in it.  I showed it to my wife and she also said the silhouette was correct so she agreed that I should wear petticoats this full.  Now I need to work on keeping my petticoats from wiping out everything I pass.  My wife use to complain about me abandoning her in the kitchen on holidays and when we have guests.  With this new arrangement that will never happen again.  I will now be the one that will be stuck in the kitchen preparing the feast while she is enjoying our company.  I am also going to be the one who has to get up in the middle of the night to start the turkey cooking.  Today I asked my wife to refer to me as Donna-June since that will be my name from now on.  She agreed and I will keep reminding her.  A reprieve; my wife read this and said I could assist her in cooking the turkey but that turkey cooking was herís.  

Wednesday 27 November, 2002 :  Well today is the start of a 5 day lifestyle as Donna-June.  This is the first long term trial with me entirely in 1950ís style clothes.  I began last night by shaving and showering and then rolling my after putting setting gel on the ends.  This morning as my wife was brushing it into the style she wanted she said the setting gel made it impossible to comb out my hair.  Tomorrow she wants to try a new style so I will wash my hair tonight and allow her to curl it.  For Christmas my brother gave us a Surround Sound system.  Since he will not be here for Christmas he gave it to us now.  My wife decided that she wanted to set it up today.  Surprisingly I did not even think about getting out of my dress but instead lamented having to remove my high heels to do the job.  I eventually figured out a way to set up the system  without removing my heels.  Once finished I was amazed how easily it was to install the system in my 1950ís television  style housewife outfit.  I am really happy that my mindset has adjusted to my chosen roll.  My wife also finished another dress for me that is also pink but has pink rose buttons down the shirt waist front and a pink rose button on each sleeve for an accent.  I am so proud of my wife for doing this and supporting me in my transition that my love for her grows each and every day.  I feel so comfortable and normal dressed in the swing skirt style with massive petticoats.  If there is really reincarnation then I must have been a teenager girl in the very early fifties that died and immediately came back as my male self.  I really feel like I have found the real me in Donna-June.  My wife and I are cooking the turkey, deviled eggs, and pumpkin and mincemeat pies today so I am helping her around the Kitchen.  I only hope she enjoys having me help half as much as I enjoy helping her in the Kitchen.  

Thursday 28 November, 2002 : Thanksgiving: My wife did my hair this morning and sad to say we still have a lot of work to do.  I think the small curlers do the best looking job but we need to find some with no hair holding spikes.  My hair gets too tangled in the spikes.   I helped my wife fix Thanksgiving dinner today and I think she really appreciated it.  She had me do the simple stuff like the vegetable tray and dip, and the potatoes.   

Friday 29 November, 2002 : Sleeping with my hair piled on top of my hair and out of the crushing zone seems to keep my hair style in acceptable shape.  I did laundry today and then ironed my dresses for tomorrow and Sunday.  Today we took my wifeís brother home and then came back home to relax.  Tomorrow we are going to get back to work and decorate the Christmas tree and my wife is also going to start working on my Christmas Skirt.  We are hosting a Christmas party next Saturday for a group of Cross Dressers and we want to present my best side.  I know she wants to present me in my best just as much as I want to make her proud of me.   

Saturday 30 November, 2002 :  Last night I curled my hair in medium curlers and the set failed miserably.  From now on small curlers will have to be used.  I am going to get ďmagnetic rollersĒ as they have no teeth to snag my hair.  Today we started re-arranging the house for Christmas and then went to COSTCO to do some shopping.  I got a few stares and one boy asked me if I was a man wearing a dress.  His mother started to chastise him but I spoke up and told him he was correct.  Then his sister commented on me wearing lipstick.  My wife and I struck up a conversation with the kids and their mother.  My wife said we made a deal that I would wear the dresses and make-up if she did not have to.  The kids asked me if I wore a wig and they were shocked that my hair was real.  The mother commented that she liked my dress and we parted friends with her and her children a little wiser.  I never felt better.  Tonight I will wash my hair again so my wife can try and set it again.  

Sunday 1 December, 2002 :  My wife decided not to have me wash my hair and instead she will try to style it using hot rollers.  This morning I got up and got the Christmas stuff from the basement.  I had to reach way up on the shelves there and a passing thought to my self that it would easier to remove my dress was immediately squelched by the thought that it was take too long to remove my dress and besides I didnít need to do that anyway since it wouldnít really make the job any easier.  My wife set my hair in hot rollers today and the style didnít turn out too bad.  I really want to do it with curlers though as hot rollers were not invented in the 1950ís.  Today also something I still canít explain happened.  The 1950ís outfit became natural and  normal part of me.  I really didnít expect it to feel this way and I canít really explain how I thought acceptance of my clothes would really feel.  The clothes are no longer an encumbrance but a part of who I am.  I went outside to think about my feelings and decided to pull some weeds.  I realized that full skirts with petticoats really isnít the way to pull weeds and since I do not have enough dresses to soil them by gardening I will have to garden in pants.  This thought saddened me and further cemented my knowledge in my acceptance of the new me.  Actually all in all the new me is rather unexciting.  I wonder if all my fetishes would end up with the same feeling. 

Friday 6 December 2002 :  Did not dress as Donna-June today but an event happened that is still noteworthy.  We attended my wifeís aunts funeral today and after the funeral my wife was talking to her relatives and they decided that the family should get together a couple times a year.  My wife told one of them about Donna-June and her relative seemed to take the news rather well.  If things work out then a couple of times a year Donna-June will be attending a family reunion.  I am looking forward to that.  That night after my shower my wife curled my hair in preparation for Saturdayís party.  She did an unbelievable job.  I swear that there wasnít room for one more curler and each and every curler was straining on the strands of hair it held in its grasp.  That night sleeping in curlers took on a whole new meaning as each and every movement of my head pulled my hair even more.  In the past with my hair not so full of curlers the curlers had room to slide between one another and there-by relieving the strain on my hair.  Without the extra room each curler was stuck in its own place.  I slept pretty well and I am looking forward to the time when my hair is so tightly curled that I again have the same experience for I know that is exactly how women in the 1950ís had to endure.   

Saturday 7 December 2002 :  This morning I got up and got dresses as Donna-June.  It took me 10 minutes to get dressed and that is no make-up nor doing my hair.  Ten minutes just to put on all my layers of clothes.  After I was dressed I sat under the hair dryer for 30 minutes while I did my nails.  Once my hair was dry I put it back into my hair net and started doing my housework.  After my wife got up she did my hair and it looked every bit a 1950ís hairstyle.  So much so that it made my glasses an eyesore.  If I had 1950ís glasses I would have sworn I just stepped out of the 1950ís.  I am so happy with my new look.  After my hair was done I freshened up my make-up and we went shopping.  There were a few stares but all in all it was a pleasing experience.  We went to three stores and a hamburger place where I managed to keep from knocking things over or snagging my skirt on anything.  Even in stores with really close quarters my petticoat was still easily manageable.  While out we picked up some Christmas items as well as some more earrings, make-up, and spray starch for my dresses.  Having to iron my dresses after washing takes some time but the starch makes them so crisp and lovely.  When we got home I ate my hamburger then cleaned up the dished after I freshened my lipstick.  I had to wait to do any housework until my wife and my brother were finished with the movie we were watching.  Well the party finally ended and a couple of the cross dressers there did show some signs of envy.  The party went well and we had a great time.  After the party I had my wife take some pictures of me and one with her old glasses to see if I looked better.  After looking at the picture my face really looks like it was made for cat eye glasses.  I will be getting some soon I hope.  My wifeís sister in lawís husband works in an optometry shop and I hope he will be able to get me a pair if I am not able to.  After sorting my pictures I cleaned up the house and then got ready for bed.   

Sunday 8 December 2002 :  Got up this morning and my hair didnít do too well.  I do not know if it was caused by my wife changing the style for the party, which was gorgeous to say the least or, or just failed to hold the curl.  I think failure to hold a curl was probably the real reason.  It has now been 6 weeks since we started the 1950ís television style housewife scenario and although things are progressing well I fear that I wonít have enough dresses to be able to stay in my role full time during my upcoming vacation.  We thought that my wife could make a dress a week but it seems it takes longer than that to make one.  With 6 weeks past I only have 3 day dresses and one simply gorgeous cocktail dress.  This will never be enough to make it through my vacation.  Also it seems that two of the dresses have tears in them already and need to be mended.  I know that my wife tells me not to worry about things but I feel that if I do not then I will not be ready when the time comes for Donna-June to appear for vacation and I will have to come up with an alternative outfit for my Vacation.  I have tried to talk to my wife about this but she gets so snippy with me that I fear to discuss anything with her.  Today I unfortunately messed up Dinner and I upset my wife.  I am really trying to be the perfect 1950ís television style housewife but I need my wifeís help and guidance if I am to succeed.   Just before I went to bed I took one of my dresses that needed to be mended to her.  My wife and I talked a little and I think she has a sense of urgency about my wardrobe for my upcoming vacation.  After I went to bed we she came in and we talked some more.  From that discussion she really seems intent on having me be her 1950ís television style housewife.  I do not know if she will put in the extra effort needed for me to experience what a true 1950ís television style housewife would have had to contend with if her situation was as real as I want it to be.

Friday December 13, 2002 :  I overheard my wife and brother talking about her wishing for a daughter to play with.  I then asked my wife if part of her interest in Donna-June was her desire to have a daughter.  She admitted that it might have something to do with it.  I suggested changing the scenario slightly to me being her daughter in hopes that she could feel more into what I am doing and help with my transformation and training.  Apparently she is as involved as she wants to be I will not push this point.  

Saturday December 14, 2002 :  Got started late as Donna-June so after I took my shower around 1:00 P.M. my wife curled my hair.  I kept my hair in curlers all day and will have my wife remove them in the morning.  As I looked in the Kitchen window this evening while cooking dinner I was stunned to see a 1950ís housewife staring back at me.  Well almost a 1950ís housewife.  My glasses were very out of place and I wished I had my 1950ís glasses so I could really see a 1950ís housewife staring back at me.  With them I would have looked like a real 1950ís television style housewife preparing dinner for her family.  I can hardly wait to get my glasses and get the correct lenses in them so I will look like the 1950ís television style housewife that I wish to be.   

Sunday December 15, 2002 :  I got up this morning and started cleaning up the house.  When my wife got up she fixed my hair.  I was in curlers for a total of 21 hours.  My head still aches at the thought of curlers; still I am looking forward to my next curling session since that is part of my life now.  My wife finished another simply gorgeous dress for me and I decided to wait until the Donna-June marathon begins to wear it.  I am still in shock about her enthusiasm towards turning me into Donna-June.  She is even planning on making me some ďclam diggerĒ pants to wear while working in the yard.  What will she come up with next.  I guess only her imagination will tell.   

Thursday December 19, 2002 :  The Donna-June Marathon begins.  Stay tuned for 23 days of fun, excitement, adjustments, and the sheer enjoyment of the evolving 1950ís television style housewife.  Today I got my second set of cat-eye glasses.  Unfortunately although the brown color looks great on me the lenses size is too small for my eyes.  In the first set however there were 2 pair of black cat-eyes that did fit me and the prescription in both of them is so close that I can wear them right now without damaging my eyes.  I want to get lined bifocals put in them since the no line bifocals werenít invented then.  My wife however doesnít like the line so I will get the no line type and no none will know that I have bifocals on anyway.

Friday December 20, 2002 :  My wife didnít put my hair in curlers last night and tried to use a curling iron on it.  What a fiasco my hair was a mass of frizzies.  We determined that sleeping in curlers was the only choice for my hair.   I put on tip and fill nails and after some great effort they looked pretty good. After my shower my wife put my hair in curlers.  

Saturday December 21, 2002 :  Today we had to go out shopping so I put on make-up and all.  My wife did my hair and when I put on my cat-eye glasses and looked at my self in the mirror I looked like I had just stepped out of the 1950ís  In fact in my photos people would swear it was taken in the 1950ís.  I drove with my old glasses on but before I got out I put on my cat-eye glasses and went shopping.  People noticed me but nothing was said.  I hope that the cat-eye glasses helped convince the people that stared at me what I was trying to do. 

Sunday December 22, 2002 :  I slept last night with my hair pinned  on top of my head and a scarf around the sides to hold it up.  It seemed to work real well so I will try it again on Monday night.  The day went by very uneventful and I am getting closer to the 1950ís television style housewife every day.  My housework is becoming routine and I think after things settle down after Christmas I will be fully into my role.  

Monday December 23, 2002 : Last night my wife curled my hair in rag style rollers and the style didnít come out like I liked it.  The style was OK but not a style that shouted 1950ís woman.  I did laundry this morning and since I still only have 2 girdles both of them were in the laundry.  I felt naked without my girdle and when it was dry I immediately put it back on to my great relief.  I cooked  breakfast for my wife, her nephew, and his friend and really enjoyed it.  I did think about what I would be doing if I didnít have to fix breakfast but since I am a typical 1950ís television style housewife the thought passed and I finished breakfast.  After breakfast I continued my housework.  The rest of the day went uneventful except when I washed my new red dress the lace partially disintegrated.  My wife had me cut off the damaged parts and the remaining lace still looks good.  I made dinner for the three of us and for the first time ever I am enjoying having my wifeís nephew around as now I can treat him as I would my own son.  When I was in my male role my wifeís nephew was a pain but now he is a charm.  He has even started to call me Aunt Donna-June although he keeps getting it mixed up and calls me by a mix of my name and my wifeís name.  Oh well at least he is trying and he is only eleven.   

Tuesday December 24, 2002 :  Today I got up and got dressed in my new red dress and started doing my housework.  When my wife got up she fixed my hair and then went shopping.  Boy was the people out there Grinchís.  Didnít care about any one else and parked wherever they felt like it.  I was never so glad to get home.   Later in the day we had to go out to pick up some friends and then again went to the store to get last minute items for Christmas.  I got a lot of strange looks at the store but no comments.  We stayed up way late and once my wife curled my hair and everything was done we got about 4 hours sleep before we got up and opened the presents.  For my Christmas eve present I got a gorgeous pin and earrings.  I almost started crying.  

Wednesday December 25, 2002 :  Today besides being Christmas is another event for me.  I have now been wearing 1950ís styled clothing longer than I have ever done before and I love it more and more each day.  My wife wanted me to get up and open presents in my nightgown but I wanted to do it dressed.  I got up early and got dressed in a white blouse and black taffeta skirt with two of my petticoats underneath.  I had tried on the multiple petticoats on a day or two ago so I knew that I was going to have an even tougher time managing them.  I wanted to look my best for Christmas and our guests.  Anyway we opened the presents and I got some scarves, a real pearl necklace, and the most beautiful dress I think I have ever seen.  I couldnít wait to wear it but I had my Christmas outfit and my new dress needed ironing.  After my presents were opened I changed my blouse into one of the ones my wife gave me for Christmas and then she offered to put my pearls on me for me.  I was going to ask her because I felt that was what a mother would do with her daughters first set of pearls.  When my wife offered I felt an enormous amount of Love flow towards her and then while my wife was putting on my pearls she told me that she wasnít my mother but my sister the Love flowed even more.  I was so happy knowing that my big sister cared enough to help me put on my pearls for the first time.  My big loving sister and I do not mean in size either.  I started to fix breakfast or should I say brunch for everyone and then decided to call my ex-wife and kids.  My wife tried to stop me but I thought I knew better and didnít listen.  Well the phone call drug on through the arrival of our guests and interfering with the preparation of our Christmas feast.  Well my wife rightly so got angry and had to help me finish dinner.  I felt so sorry I did this to her and I always will.  Making my wife mad at me was never my intention when I started this.  In fact my intentions was quite the opposite to make my wifeís life and home a place that she could relax in and enjoy.  I promised to do better in the future and to listen to my wife from now on since she is wiser and knows what is best for me.  I was glad when I finally got the kitchen cleaned up and went to bed as everyone but me was able to take a nap.  I had to be the perfect hostess.  By the end of the day I was amazed how the cumbersome petticoats I had put on this morning had become so natural and unobtrusive.  I felt that I could even wear that many full time but I wonít since the store aisles are not really wide enough for what I wear now.  

Thursday December 26, 2002 :  I got up this morning and got dressed in my new blue dress while I ironed my purple one.  Then I changed into my purple dress and did my housework.  About 10:00 I got my make-up on and then my wife did my hair before we went out shopping with the couple that spent the night.  I was looking for a book on 1950ís hairstyles but was unsuccessful.  We then went home and got something to eat before taking or guests back to the train.  I couldnít wear a hat this time since it was raining so I wore a rain bonnet and my rain coat.  My rain coat was nowhere even close to covering my dress and scrunched it down.  After we dropped them off we went shopping for an umbrella for me.  We couldnít find anything so we went to a stationary store to get some calendars for my wife.  The store was really warm and since I hadnít removed my rain bonnet or undid my coat I got overheated and decided to sit in the car while my wife finished her shopping.  When we got home we relaxed for the evening and watched television until it was time for me to do my nightly Kitchen cleaning and take a shower.  My wife will never know just how much I Love her for what she is helping me become.  I got my new girdles and garter belts today so tomorrow I will actually be wearing the undergarments that I will be in from now on.  I only hope I didnít buy the wrong size girdle.  Well I will know for sure tomorrow night when I get undressed.  I am actually looking forward to my new girdles as my current ones roll at the waist and pinch me.   

Friday December 27, 2002 :  This morning makes it one entire week that I have been Donna-June.  It is strange but I thought that wearing the swing style dresses like I have for the week would still have some thrill for me.  All I feel now is comfortable and content like this is the way I was always meant to be.  No thrill, no excitement, nothing but the feeling that I finally am who I am.  I no longer have to hide or try and find myself.  What a relief.  Only time will tell if this feeling either continues or changes to something else.  Since my wife decided not to go out today I suggested to her that we keep my hair in curlers all day today and all night tonight and then tomorrow she can style my hair before going out so I will look my best.  So far the girdle isnít a problem it just feels like someone is firmly caressing my stomach but not painfully.  I took the chance today to do laundry and cleaning up the downstairs some.  It really felt great making my brothers bed in my dress.  Actually it didnít feel great it felt normal.  I then started to install his printer and had to kneel down on the floor and crawl under his desk.  Not once did my full skirted dress bother me nor did I even think about removing it to make the task easier.  Actually changing to pants wouldnít have made it easier.

Saturday December 28, 2002 :  Woke up this morning with diarrhea so my wife had to postpone our trip to the movies.  It was suppose to rain today so tomorrow would have been better anyway.  Keeping my hair in curlers for two days knocked out the curlers on my bangs and made a mess of the style.  I will be glad when my bangs grow out and stop causing my wife so much trouble.  I did some housework today and finished cooking dinner.  My wife threw everything in the pot and I stayed there and made sure it didnít burn.  I think that is the way my wife likes to cook and dinner turned out great.  Tonight she curled my hair in a new way, one that I think may give better results.  I asked my wife today to think about what needs to be changed or modified about Donna-June and so far she has said nothing.  Maybe everything is going to her satisfaction.  If so then I will keep on doing what I have been doing.  

Sunday December 29, 2002 :  Today I got up and did my make-up and then my wife did my hair before we went out shopping.  Today we got me an analogue watch, more gloves, a black purse to go along with my black shoes, a purse and a chain for my wife, and some groceries.  We were about half way through shopping when embarrassedly  it dawned on me that I had on black shoes and was carrying a white purse.  Well I immediately bought a black purse.  We also tried to find me a 1950ís style umbrella but all they had were the fold up variety.  We also got gas for my van while we were out.  I wore my new purple dress, purple hat, and white gloves.  I did remove my gloves when I pumped gas and tried on my new gloves but other than that they were on full time.  When I got my first digital watch I knew I would never have or want an analogue watch again.  Well we all know how things change.  Now the analogue watch looks and feels so natural and comfortable and I do not know how I stood the digital watch so long.   Today I didnít get any complements but I did get my second really offensive encounter.  So far after going out at least a dozen times as Donna-June I have gotten about four complements about how nice I looked and how they sorry more women donít dress this way.  I think the older people miss the romantic days when the full skirted swing style dresses were in vogue.

Monday December 30, 2002 :  Today I got up and once again my hair made it through the night in pretty good shape.  I cleaned the house and then took a nap.  Later I made dinner.  My wife and I had our discussion and she said everything was going along fine except for me curling my hair and the meal preparation.  Tonight we sat on the floor and played Racko.  I do not know why but sitting there on the floor with my petticoated dress spread in front of me felt so natural and the way I should be.  The natural and normal feeling that I feel as Donna-June worries me.  Am I just getting into my chosen role or is this the real me?  I just do not know.  Tonight I will shower and curl my hair so tomorrow we can go out and do some more shopping and maybe get my hair styled professionally.  

Tuesday December 31, 2002 :  Today was a quiet day preparing for the New years.  Another significant event did happen today.  I needed to go out and check for storm damage and the first thing I did was to go and get my scarf on without even thinking about it.  I have had a real problem remembering to cover my head when I go outside.  I also swept off the steps and then again had to go to my van to get some things I had forgotten when we were shopping.  My wife finally decided on a hairstyle for me.  The style we found is and early 1950ís version of Lucille Ball before she got her poodle cut.  

Wednesday January 1, 2003 :  Today I got up and cleaned the house then made breakfast.  I needed a can for the fat drippings from the bacon and without thinking I headed to put on my scarf before going outside and getting the can.  I the fixed breakfast and cleaned up before changing into my black skirt and a flowered blouse my wife got me for Christmas at my wifeís suggestion.  The rest of the day I sat around playing games with my wifeís nephew and watching some football with her brother.  My wife and I also talked again about meal planning but I donít think much will come of it since my wife has never likes sitting down and discussing things.  

Thursday January 2, 2003 :  Today I got my hair cut and I hope that tomorrow when my wife combs out the set it looks 50ish.  I wasnít thrilled with the salon as they cut it and left it wet without even styling it in the style we wanted.  I think next time I will suggest another salon.  Before getting my hair cut we went to the store and got some groceries.  Late in the evening some fire trucks rolled up outside and went into a house across the street.  This of course brought out the entire neighborhood.  My wife and her nephew went outside to take a look and I started trying to find a scarf for my head.  Once I found the scarf I joined them and the rest of the neighborhood.  We had a good talk watching the firemen clear the smoke from the house.  The neighbor let a pot boil dry on the stove.  Beans I think from the smell.   

Friday January 3, 2003 : Got dressed and did housework until my wife got up.  Then she did my hair and we went to the doctors to get my allergy shots.  Donna-June really did cause a stir at the doctorís office as everyone there had to come and see the new me.  After I waited the prescribed time my wife, her nephew, and I went to eat lunch at a sit down restaurant.  A first for Donna-June.  Lunch went fine and after lunch I fixed my lipstick before we got up and I paid the bill.   

Saturday January 4, 2003 :  I think I finally got a hair style I like.  Curly on top and sides with the sides just above the ears pulled back.  My wifeís nephew left today and he said that he was going to miss ďDonna-JuneĒ.  I will miss him too.  When his mother got here she was surprised that I was still Donna-June.  I told her that I was going to be this way my entire vacation.  I did not set my hair today because my wife wanted to feel my hair at night.  She said she would set it in hot rollers tomorrow.  She also said that she isnít going to do any sewing for anyone else.  I think she is getting tired of me being Donna-June and is wishing it would come to an end.   

Sunday January 5, 2003 :  No hot rollers today.  Actually my hair dried in almost the perfect curl.  Damn;  I like the experience of sleeping in curlers.  Bet you never thought you would hear that one.  I did the laundry today and cleaned up around the house.   

Monday January 6, 2003 :  Finished up the ironing and put away the Christmas boxes.  Today my wife wanted to move the piano and we needed to put some blocks underneath it.  I didnít even give it a second thought I just laid down on the floor in my dress and placed the leveling block where it should be.  I do not even think about getting out of my clothes anymore, they are just a part of who I am.   

Tuesday January 7, 2003 :  My wife put my hair up in hot rollers this morning and the style while looking OK just wasnít 50ish enough for me.  Went out shopping for some parts for the house and also picked up some video tapes.  My brother also got home from his vacation so we had a lot of stories to tell.  

Wednesday January 8, 2003 :  Did my laundry today for the last time on this vacation.  I have enough dresses to last through Sunday.  I guess I will have to wash and iron my dresses during the week.  I sure am going to miss being Donna-June.  I feel so comfortable and normal as Donna-June.  Sure the dresses and petticoats can be inconvenient at times but to feel like I do that is a small price to pay.  The biggest problem throughout this entire time has been my feet.  I really do need to get the surgery done on them as soon as I can.  This time as Donna-June would have been so much more enjoyable and productive if my feet didnít bother me so.

Thursday January 9, 2003 :  Didnít sleep in curlers last night at my wifeís request.  She wanted to try something else.  The experiment failed and I am going to curl my hair whenever I take a shower.  Today after getting dressed we dropped of some tapes at the video store then went shopping to two different stores.  I got to wear my new coat and scarf since it was threatening rain.  I just love my new coat and it looks perfect with my dresses.  Just about the same length too.  The strange thing I noticed is that the coat is so heavy that it holds down my petticoats.  While I was standing waiting for my wife I lifted my foot backwards and my calf pressed into my petticoats.  What a wonderful feeling to feel my calf pressing against the petticoats and reminding myself the way I am dressed.  Since my brother drove I was able to wear my cat-eye glasses at all times and not have to change them to drive.  It felt so wonderful not having to change out of my 1950ís attire.  After we got home my brother and I started installing his new printer when we decided we needed a stand for the printer.  Eagerly I jumped at the chance to go out and look for one since it meant that I got to wear my new coat again.  Unfortunately the second time out my wife insisted I drive so I could not experience staying in the 1950ís role full time.

  Friday January 10, 2003 :  Wore curlers last night and my wife did my hair this morning.  It turned out fantastically.  I then finished getting ready and went to the dentist.  This was the first time I was out on my own as Donna-June.  I was going shopping when I was finished but the dentist had to really deaden my mouth so shopping was out.  I got a great reception from my dentist and they really support what I am doing.  The dentist (a female) was upset when I told her that my work would not let me wear my dresses to work.  It was a great experience; at least it would have been if I hadnít been at the dentistís office.  The rest of the day I did my housework.  

Saturday January 11, 2003 :  Got up today and fixed my hair.  I guess I did OK since my wife didnít try to fix it.  I spent the day doing housework and watching television.   

Sunday January 12, 2003 :  Today was a sad day as my time as Donna-June had to come to an end.

14 February 2003 : Valentines Day:  Today my wife finished a Valentines skirt for me just before we left for dinner.  It is pink with hearts on the trim.  I wore a white blouse and had a great time.  I still wonder sometimes why I choose to wear such a full skirt and cumbersome outfits.  Life would be so much easier without them.  Then I think to my self just how much I enjoy being who I am and smile with contentment at who and what I am.  I am glad that my wife allows me to be Donna-June.  

22 February 2003 :  This is the first weekend of my new life that I can be Donna-June full time.  No more changing glasses or anything.  I picked up my new glasses last Sunday and they are perfect.  It feels strange looking at a 1950ís woman in the mirror and all the store windows.  I just wish I could find someone on the internet to share my joy and new life with.  When I first started my new life as Donna-June I was forever constantly putting on my lipstick.  Now after many, many hours I look in the mirror and the red is barely messed.  My entire life I have been fighting to keep my lipstick on and now shortly after I became Donna-June my lipstick is no problem.  Even putting on a scarf before going outside has become routine.  

28 February 2003 :  The Mormon missionaries came over tonight and I was wearing my red dress.  I wanted the missionaries to invite me to church but my wife and brother monopolized their time so much that they couldnít get a word in edge wise and finally left out of boredom.  I think today we found my hairstyle because whenever I looked at myself in the mirror I saw a 1950ís woman staring back at me and it pleased me so much.  After looking more on the web I have found that the swing style were at there fullest in the early fifties and then were being replaced by the pencil skirts starting in the mid fifties.  Since I want my swing style skirts to be their fullest I chose to live in the years 1952 or 1953.  As a result of this I also have to wear seamed stockings since seamless stockings were not invented until 1956.  The seam on the seamed stockings that I have is too light so I darkened the seam with a brown permanent marker.  My wife noticed the seam and thought it looked a bit purple but liked the visible seam line.  She did not like the fact that I darkened the seam line until I told her that you could not see the seam unless I did darken it.  I went to my Allergy Doctorís today and my brother drove.  I felt so feminine and fiftyish riding in the car and being taken places.  The staff once again all came out and had to look at my outfit.  Funny but every time there they ask if I did my make-up and are really impressed when I tell them that I did.   

1 March 2003 :  Today my wife and I went out and bought some larger curlers for my hair.  I think with these my style will be easier to obtain.  We also bought some more make-up since I am going through make-up like crazy now.  My wife found some lipstick that is perfect.  The reddest red I have seen and it really improves my look.  I am so comfortable now as Donna-June that it scares me at time.  I got a couple of nice comments on my outfit, both were from costumerís.  One liked the cut of the dress and the other liked the fullness of the crinolines.  I really do not care what others say or do now as I know they are just immature.  I also donít worry about the stares anymore either.  

23 March 2003 :  Tried on a couple of swing dresses I bought from ďOld Pueblo TradersĒ.  I love them except that I can only get one petticoat underneath them.  One is dark blue with white polka dots and the other is lilac and purple flowers on a semi sheer white back ground.  The purple one is a rayon type fabric and I just love it the way is slides over my petticoats.  I decided to wear the purple one today and we went out shopping and lunch in the purple one.  I feel so normal in my 1950ís look.  

23 May2003:  Today after going to the doctors my wife and I went out to lunch.  This was the first time I ate a meal and didnít need to repair my lipstick.  I did anyway just incase.  Last night and this morning while getting dressed my heart wasnít in it and I really did not want to change.  However, once I was dressed I was suddenly relaxed and comfortable with my new self.  Now I do not want to transform back from Donna-June.  

25May2003 :  Today I did my hair in a short style and fell in love with it.  I again took my wife to lunch and again did not need to freshen my lipstick.  I love my hair so much that I do not want to curl it tonight but I know if I do not it will be a mess tomorrow.  I think I will try another short style tomorrow.  

4 July 2003 :  Wonderful day today.  I took some food over to the next door neighbors and since the day was windy I wore a scarf.  Unfortunately I did not remember to wear my gloves; something I need to remember from now on.  

6 July 2003 :  Went shopping today in my pink flowery knit dress from Old Pueblo Traders.  I got three complements.  One from a woman who thought my outfit looked nice, one from a little girl sitting in a shopping cart who said to her mother what a pretty dress I had on, and one from another young girl about six or so that just look at me and said ďOoooh.Ē  I felt so good knowing that little girls recognized a lovely outfit when they saw one.  

17 October 2004 :  A lot of time has passed and things have changed.  I still do not have a lot of dresses and most of them are ones I bought that the skirts are not very full and too short.  Still they will handle some petticoats and will do until My wife makes me more.  I have had a hard time finding me new shoes as the heels have been too clunky.  Fortunately in the past few months the heel sizes have narrowed enough for me to buy a white, a red, and a black pair of pumps.  Still to this day I mainly get complements and the negative comments are more of a groan than anything else.  The previous problems I had with my petticoats is a thing of the past and I mindlessly glide through places while I unconsciously manage my petticoats.  When I think back on it, it amazes me how natural navigating in full petticoats have become.  The reason for todayís entry is the experience I had over at my neighbors.  I have been over to my neighbors many times dressed as Donna-June and they accept me for who I am.  Today I took some cake over to my neighbors home dressed as Donna-June and also to visit and see how my neighborís wife was doing.  I wore my red dress with white shoes, my red hat, white gloves, and my new red purse that my wife bought with the money they gave her for my birthday.  Since it was cool out I also wore my white shawl.  While chatting with my neighbors I was frequently distracted by the red net veil that hung from my hat.  When I wear my hats with the net veils in public the veils donít seem to bother me.  I figure this must be since I am not looking in one place all the time.  While sitting on their couch with the skirt of my dress spread wide the short talking distance and staring at my neighbors kept my attention coming back to my veil.  The fact that I was sitting facing the window might have also had something to do with it.  Any way; while I was sitting there talking the thought kept coming over me how natural and wonderful this felt.  I felt like what I was doing was the right thing to do and how I really had discovered who I was born to be.  I know that whenever I am Donna-June I feel so natural but I never knew just how much until I was visiting my neighbors today.  We had a great visit and the wife gave me some of her old jewelry.  I am so lucky to have at least one neighbor that accepts my crossdressing.  The one disconcerting thought that kept plaguing me while at my neighbors was why I hadnít been doing this all my life.  Another thing that was difficult at first and now has become natural is keeping my lipstick on and fresh.  Before once I learned not to lick it off every few minutes I still had to remember to freshen up my lipstick after eating.  Now surprisingly it is just the opposite.  As soon as I start eating I find it hard to wait until I finish so I can make my lips perfect again.  I knew I would get use to putting on my lipstick after eating but never thought it would come to me feeling incomplete without my lipstick so much that as soon as I mess it up I feel the extreme need to fix it as soon as possible.  Even when getting undressed as soon as I remove my lipstick I look incomplete in the mirror.  

24 October 2004 :  Last Friday I think I finally made it to the stereotypical 1950ís television style housewife.  I got dressed as Donna-June and we had to go out and take my wife's brother shopping to get some clothes.  The weather is cooling off so I decided to wear a sweater and as I picked up the sweater I remembered how hot it was in the stores.  I then I thought about how in the fifties women wore it just over their shoulders so I put it on that way.  When I looked in the mirror to see how it looked I was shocked.  For the first time since I started trying to be Donna-June I was actually staring at a woman who looked like she had just stepped out of the 1950ís.  I was surprised that the sweater made all the difference.  Unfortunately I do not have a sweater clip so I couldn't wear the sweater that way outside.  After I got home I made a temporary sweater clip out of a pair of pierced earrings and an old necklace.  It is not perfect but it will do until I get a real one or two.  Sadly to say I did not get a picture of me in the outfit due to uncontrollable circumstances.  Today while out shopping a woman asked me if I was going to a fifties costume ball or something.  I told her that I love the fifties so much that this is what I wear full time.  She didnít say anything more.  

1 November 2004 :  For this Halloween I dressed up as a 1950ís version of a Mormon Relief Society Singing Mother.  (Pictures elsewhere on this site) While I was growing up one of the outfits that I wanted to wear the most was the black skirt and white blouses that the Relief Society Singing Mothers wore when they sang in front of our church. The Relief Society was an organization within the Mormon church for the women.  In many local churches women would get together and form a singing group that would sing at church.  They called themselves the Singing Mothers even though not all were mothers.  One could always tell when the Singing Mothers were going to sing as all of them wore the mandatory dress of a black skirt and white blouse to church that day.  I remember how these women looked so very feminine and proper in their black skirts and white blouses.  I guess it was the black and white contrast.  

27 November 2004 :  Another milestone was achieved this week.  I have finally gotten far enough into my role of the stereotypical 1950ís television housewife that this Thanksgiving I was able to completely immerse myself in the role.  It was simple wonderful cooking and preparing the Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings while the men folk sat in the living room talking and watching football.  I wore my kitchen apron until the meal was ready and then after freshening up my lipstick so I looked my best I removed my kitchen apron to reveal the hostess apron I was wearing underneath it.  From that moment On I became the hostess and made sure our guests were well fed and comfortable.  I did miss out on the conversation and most of the movies but since my primary task is making my spouse look good among friends missing out on the festivities was well worth it.  As the party continued I put away the leftovers and cleaned up the kitchen.  I am simply at a loss of words to express how wonderful that day was and how much I am looking forward to Christmas when once again I can make my spouse look fantastic in front of all of our friends and family.  Hopefully I will have another new party dress by then.

28 November 2004 :  This morning I put on my petticoated dress and went out and joined the masses of after Thanksgiving shoppers.  It is always wonderful when I, dressed as a stereotypical 1950ís television housewife, go out in public and do my daily wifely tasks. 

29 November 2004 :  Today  I am in another petticoated dress and full make-up and jewelry cleaning our home.  As a stereotypical 1950ís television housewife I must always look my best for my spouse and incase we have guests over.  I simply do not know how I could handle it if I disgraced my spouse in front of our guests.   

1 December 2004 :  Finally after years of fighting over my hair style and its length my wife made an appointment at a local beauty salon to have what I thought was a trim and style.  Even thought my hair was long I kept it in a pony tail most of the time to keep it out of my way so the length was never fully utilized.  The long hair also was a pain to roll into a fifties style.  Well we finally decided on a style and she made the appointment.  When I found out it was the same place I told her I didnít want to go I tried to back out.  Eventually after some fighting I gave in and in the morning instead of styling my hair I put it under a scarf and headed out.  I took my hat with me expecting to come out with a wonderful fiftyish hairstyle.  Instead all that happened once again was a hair cut.  As I sat in the chair the beautician asked me how long I wanted it.  I told him to ask my wife and when she replied shoulder length I cringes inside because although I wanted it shorter shoulder length was a bit too short.  Still after all the struggle to get her to allow  me to cut my hair I wasnít about to say anything.  Well after the haircut the stylist asked my wife what style she wanted it in and she said that we would style it once we were home.  Once home my wife put my hair up in hot rollers and I commented that maybe next time we should leave it an inch or so longer.  My wife said nothing and went about styling my hair.  When she was finished we both actually liked the style and it did look very fiftyish.  Now she says she thinks I will look good as a blonde.  Heaven forbid.   

18 December 2004 :  Last night my wife dyed my hair a light Blonde.  I was not looking forward to my hair as a blonde but it actually turned out rather well.  Still she feels she wants to go more blonde.  Well with the look she achieved now maybe a lighter Blonde will not be as bad as I feared. 

22 December 2004 :   I have began my marathon Donna-June vacation (actual start date 17 December 2004 ) and unfortunately I think it will be the last marathon vacation for awhile.  Due to vacation policy changes at work I am unable to carry over any of my vacation.  As far as Donna-June goes I think I have become the stereotypical fifties television style housewife.  The clothes that once got me aroused just thinking about them are now just my everyday clothes.  In the beginning I use to put on as many petticoats as my dress for the day would allow.  This looked a bit ridiculous but I wanted the ultimate fullness.  Now all of a sudden I put on only enough petticoats to make my dress have the appropriate fullness while still looking good.  I still go all out for dinner parties and special occasions but that is what any fifties television style housewife would do.  It still amazes me that the clothes that were somehow drawing me to them have now lost all their alluring.  I now wear my full skirted petticoated dresses because that is what a stereotypical nineteen fifties television style housewife would wear and not because they beckon me.  My fifty style dresses and petticoats are no longer enticing they are just there.  What a strange yet wonderful feeling.  I have also determined that even after all this practice at being Donna-June it still takes me an hour and 10 minutes to get ready in the morning.  

26 December 2004 :  My Christmas was almost perfect this year.  The only draw back was Diana wanted things done in a different order than I had planned.  It was wonderful planning our Christmas feast and seeing it come together.  What I didnít realize was just how much work it was to prepare Christmas dinner for our guests.  Surprisingly it was way more effort than at Thanksgiving.  I worked all week cleaning our home and with Dianaís help preparing bits and pieces of the Christmas feast like the pies and pastries.  Little did I know that all that preparation work was nothing compared to Christmas day.  I had planned on getting up real early on but since we stayed up really late Christmas even and opened presents we all slept in.  Still on Christmas morning after only 4 hours sleep I was the first up as I needed to get dressed; (an hour and fifteen minutes);  before I started preparing dinner.  I worked my tail off throughout the day slaving merrily in the kitchen while our guests arrived and Diana took on her role of entertaining them.  In the midst of preparing dinner I made sure the horídourves tray was kept stocked and the drinks flowing.  When dinner was finally ready I changed into my hostess apron and served dinner.  Eating dinner was a welcome break in my hectic routine.  After dinner while our guests again were having fun I retired to the kitchen to put away the leftovers and clean up the pile of dishes that had been formed.  When I was finally done and my kitchen was fairly clean once more I was finally able to sit down and enjoy our guests.  Thanks heaven they spent the night because it was after 8:00 before I was finished.  This morning I dried my curled hair and then I did my hair and made breakfast for our guests.  I spent most of the day enjoying our guests and making them lunch and dinner before they headed for home.  Christmas was a long and tiring day but well worth it when I saw all the happiness a 1950ís housewife can bring her family and guests.  I am really looking forward to next year.  

28 December 2004 :  Went out shopping today and had another run in with teenaged boys.  This was the worst since I became Donna-June.  Three boys say me out side a store and started laughing about my outfit.  When the found out I was a male their laughter and heckling became even greater.  So much so that passer-byís began looking at them like they were crazy.  I thought about confronting them but decided not to since a confrontation would do no good among ignorant people.  After we were shopping awhile the three boys came in the store for a second look and then left laughing while the other shoppers stared at them for their lack of manners.  At the previous store the check out clerk noticed my hankie and said it reminded her of her mother.  

30 December 2004 :  My wife didnít like my hair color so we dyed it in an ultra light blond.  The brown in my hair made it turn out a lovely light strawberry blonde. (Note to self:  Dying hair twice so close together damages the hair.)  

31 December 2004 :  Well another year has come to an end and my life as Donna-June is still wonderful.  Tonight since all our guests had other plans I donned my Christmas dress and we went out for dinner.  This is not the dress I wore for Christmas but the one my wife wanted to get finished but didnít.  My Christmas dress is burgundy with a sheer Christmas pattern overlay.  The sleeves are long and sheer with Christmas wreath and package on the snap cuffs.  We had a wonderful time and after dinner we came home and watched the fireworks from our living room window.  

3 January 2005 :  This morning I put on the same dress I wore for New Years eve so I could show my allergist and his nurses my new dress.  They all loved it and said how wonderful a seamstress my wife was.  Later we went out to COSTCO and did more shopping.  While there I looked around for women in skirts or dresses.  I saw two and one of them were me.  There were a few little girls in dresses but only one woman. 

18 January 2005 :  My wife and I went to COSTCO today but when she saw they re-arranged the store she got upset and we left.  After dropping her off I returned and filled up my car with gas before heading into the store.  On the way into the store a couple approached me and we talked about some of the gay happenings in San Francisco .  It was a male and female couple so I figured the thought I was a homosexual.  We had a wonderful talk and parted with some kind wishes.  I had a wonderful time shopping by myself.

22 January 2005:  My vacation and my marathon is about to end tomorrow will be the last day and will be just over 36 Ĺ days that I have lived as Donna-June.  It was a wonderful experience and I donít know how tough it will be to go back to my male self.  Today was another first for me.  I donned my sweater, scarf, apron, and gloves and went outside and mowed the lawn for the first time as Donna-June.  I was a bit anxious staying out front long enough to mow my lawn in full view of my neighbors and all passerbyís but as soon as I started all fears subsided.  Once again the feeling came over me that pushing my lawn mower around in a dress was perfectly normal and natural.  Thinking back on it mowing the lawn in pants has always been uncomfortable.  I did of course reluctantly have to change from high heels to flats while I mowed the lawn as my high heels would have kept sinking into the grass.  While I was mowing a neighbor came over and we had a wonderful talk about the lawn and the vacant lot next to us.  I tried to mow the vacant lot but the grass was too wet so that will have to wait.


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