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Dorothy Corson lives in an English Cottage in a woods in South Bend, Indiana. She and her husband-to-be designed and built their home before they were married. It took six years to save the money to accomplish it. They named it, Fieldstone & Ivy -- Our Cottage of Content. They were married and moved in, coincidentally or providentially, on February 11th Lourdes Day (they knew nothing about the Grotto or Notre Dame until decades later).

The wooded lot they chose, coincidentally, is a mile north of Notre Dame within sight of the Golden Dome. Inspired by a trip to New England they built a free-standing fieldstone and ivy wall surrounding their front yard. Rocks have held a fascination for them ever since. They are a lot like people, no two are exactly alike. Their abstract later revealed that the woods they had chosen once belonged to Fr. Edward Sorin. Priests and Brother friends on campus have often related how they enjoyed having picnics by the creek in their woods and how at one time there were plans to build a priest's retreat at the end of their street.

Dorothy and her husband, Arnold (Jack) Corson, met at a local bank where she worked as a teenager. The bank is still owned by the Morris Family, longtime benefactors of Notre Dame. Jack spent all his working life there retiring after forty years as one of their Vice-Presidents. Dorothy went on to become a fashion artist and advertising agency secretary until their son, Greg, was born when she retired and became a stay-at-home Mom. Looking back on the synchronicity of all the events that have transpired to plant her on that research Trail of Memories has been mind-boggling to her.

Her son taught himself how to use computers at the Notre Dame Computer Center via a student user number Fr. Jan obtained for him when he was 14. Since then he has taught her everything she knows about computers. In the early eighties, long before there was an Internet, he started a company called Kangaroo Koncepts, Inc. and designed the software for his Computer Based Communications System, which he called The Connection. Notre Dame Professors, students, housewives and kids with their Commodores and Ataris communicated over five telephone lines coming into their home 24 hours a day. He went on to work at Virtual World Entertainment in Chicago and is now with Sony Entertainment of America near San Francisco in their Research and Development Department where they have just launched the PlayStation 3.

This poetry website would not exist without his good natured ongoing encouragement and the technical help and guidance he has provided via Instant Messenger, Remote Assistance, and Shared Files, during the six months it has taken to give birth to this second brainchild.


Do I believe in Providence and Predestiny? You bet I do! I could write a book about it, but then, maybe I already have. Keep following your Muse -- your very own Guiding Spirit within -- and it will take you places you never dreamed were possible.

The Grotto Lady

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