Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at Notre Dame
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Dear Reader:

To experence the events in my life that inspired my research and poetry it's best to read this website in the order it was written. Click here to start at the beginning then click "next" at the bottom of each page to read them in order. I'm hoping you will read my website in this way as each page leads to the one that follows it and tells its own story. – DVC

It was this warm response to my new poetry website by a friend I met through my The Spirit of Notre Dame website that suggested this "Dear Reader" addition:

"I am enormously impressed by your latest writing. You must feel pleased to put your life, your spirituality, your feelings, etc., into words on paper so that there is a lovely permanent record of it. It is simply beautiful. Your strength and your love shine through on each page. There is so much to enjoy that although I have looked through it all quickly, I have read only the beginning sections carefully. You have had an interesting life. I found the stories of the three women captivating and I love the picture of your home and the story of how you and your husband designed and built it." – Jeane Knight

Another new friend from Australia discovered my site through Google and had this to say:

"I just found your website. I have not had time to read everything on it yet but I like what I am reading. Much more easy to understand than most poetry, I like this, it has something to say that I can understand. I finished reading Where Life Sends Us. This is a very inspirational story there are so many great thoughts in it. I really liked the "Remember God Loves You" poem and many of the pictures were really spectacular! Particularly the ones of San Francisco and the Notre Dame church. I really hope you will keep putting up more things like this, I really enjoy reading them. Thank you for sharing this with everyone on the Internet." — Clevenger

I'd love to hear from you too, email me at dorothy.corson@comcast.net

Table of Contents

Author's Personal Prologue

Note to the Reader
The Priests I met at Holy Cross House who encouraged my Grotto research and inspired me to share my Poem Parables.
The Connection
About Kangaroo Koncepts and the adventures I had writing on my son's computer bulletin board system, The Connection, in the early 1980's.
The Virtual World
My Son's adventures as Chief Software Engineer at Virtual World Entertainment in Chicago.
Where Life Sends Us
My Son's journeys from NEC in Austin Texas to Sony Playstation in San Francisco as Staff Software Engineer in Research and Development.
Poem Parables: From my spiritual journey researching the Campus of Notre Dame, the Land of Legends.

My Four Year Interlude of Poetry

Volume I – Revelations in the Heart
My Four Year Interlude of Poetry began with this volume of thirty poems. I wrote one poem a day during the month of my birthday in April 1968. The story behind the first four poems in that volume, A Revelation in the Heart, is very special to me because it inspired all the poems that came after it.
Volume II – Look for a Rainbow
I can remember only one really spectacular rainbow in the sky our family witnessed together many years ago in the Notre Dame Convocation Center parking fields where my husband and son often flew their kites. And it happened because I decided to follow an intuitive impulse — the beginning of many I have followed throughout my life.
Volume III – More Thinking Thoughts to Pause and Ponder
When you are alone in a hospital, among strangers, tending to a loved one, you suddenly become aware of what a precious thing life is, when you have even just a few people who care about you and know that you do exist. That your hopes and dreams have meaning to someone.
Volume IV – Mental Reminders
To the antagonist in everyone's life whose abrasive contacts force us to stop and think.
The Source Of Success
None of this would exist if the story I am about to share had not occurred in such a providential way when I was a teenager just out of high school. An editorial by J.J. Sher, Vice president of Art Instruction Inc., includes a story of my first adventure in art and travel.
About The Author
Dorothy lives in a woods on a quiet tree lined street about a mile from the Notre Dame campus.

Other Items of Interest by Dorothy V. Corson

The Spirit of Notre Dame: Its History, Legends and Lore
A website that chronicles the history of the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's, Notre Dame's Lourdes Grotto and many Legend and Lore stories.
A Cave of Candles: The Story Behind Notre Dame's Grotto
The Spirit, History, Legends and Lore of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's: By Dorothy V. Corson is also a published book. It can be purchased online and at many bookstores in South Bend, IN. Click the link above to see pictures of the book's cover, a review of the book and a complete list of where it is available.

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