Highland Prophecy
Highland Prophecy is a new album I recently completed.  It showcases some of the songs I've written over the last ten years as well as some of my favorite traditional songs.  It will be available for sale in December 2010.
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For six years, Doug was half of a Celtic music duo called Dewar & McLean. They developed a unique style of singing and playing and found many fans wherever they performed. Linda Dewar's crystal clear alto-soprano melded with Douglas McLean's rich baritone and formed memorable harmonies that people still talk about. During that time, they wrote many original songs and recorded an album called "Seeds Upon the Wind" which was critically acclaimed by famous writers and Celtic musicians. With help from the remarkable, multi-talented Chris Caswell as their Engineer/Producer, they crafted an album of timeless appeal. In the Summer of 1998, they each went their own way.