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Doug's most recent work, Highland Prophecy is a full length album released December 14th 2010. Fifteen Years in the making, it showcases a collection of twelve newly written and traditional songs from this Sacramento based singer songwriter. With everything from traditional acoustic ballads to electric guitar fueled anthems, Highland Prophecy will make a welcome addition to any Celtic music lover's collection...

1.        Cuillens of Rhum   (traditional)

2.        Miner's Song   (traditional)
3.        My Dear and Only Love (Words: James Graham: traditional) (Music: © Douglas McLean 2006)

4.        Old Scotia (Words: Joseph Train Traditional - Music: © Douglas McLean 2007)

5.        Ship of Dreams   (© Douglas McLean 2005)

6.        Mo Shuil a'd Dheigh   (Traditional Scottish Gaelic)

7.        The Ballad of Red Hector   (© Douglas McLean 2009)

8.        Shadows   (Words: Prince Charles Edward Stuart - Music: © Douglas McLean 2006)

9.        Daydreams  (Music: © Rod Paul; Klub Records Ltd (Miss Lynn Morrison) - Words: © Douglas McLean 2009)

10.        Lochaber No More (Words: Neil Monro: traditional - Music: Douglas McLean © 2007)

11.        Highland Prophecy   (© Douglas McLean 2006)

12.        Light of Home (Words: Neil Monro: traditional - Music: Douglas McLean © 2006)

Produced and engineered by Chris Caswell
Recorded and mixed at Skyline Studios, Oakland, California
Bryan Matheson: studio owner, musician, singer and all-around great guy

Front cover photograph: A lovely morning in Ullapool, Scotland
by:  Douglas McLean
Back cover photograph: Mairi's Couch
by: Steve Terry of Skye in Focus

Liner design by Chris Caswell and Douglas McLean

Douglas McLean
5249 Moddison Avenue
Sacramento, California 95819

Douglas McLean:
vocals, guitar, bodhran, dulcimer

Chris Caswell: Bagpipes, Button Accordion, Pennywhistle, Small Pipes, Wood Flute, Djimbe
Duncan McMartin:
Larry Baird:
Roxanne Cargill:
Electric Bass and Guitar on Highland Prophecy

   I would like to thank Chris Caswell for taking the time to make this album special.  It isn't often that you can hire someone who is not only a great sound engineer but is also a great musician and can play many instruments very well.  Special thanks to Scottie of the website: Rampant Scotland who used to send out these weekly newsletters that introduced me to amazing Scottish poets and their wonderful poetry that I placed into some of my songs.  Thanks to Roxy for making this album finally happen.

Copyright information:  All songs and music listed on this album as written by Douglas McLean have been copyrighted © and recorded by the U.S. Library of Congress, all rights reserved.

The tune for "Daydreams" (Miss Lynn Morrison) is copyrighted by Rod Paul and Klub Records Ltd.

Copyright © 2010 Douglas McLean
All arrangements copyright © 2010 Douglas McLean and Chris Caswell

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