Our Watershed:   How we can help our environment and the Township.

Q&A:   Where we plant trees can have an effect on us.

Be Wary of the Unflushables:  What goes down your drains can adversely impact your sewer bills.

The Grease Monster:  A nasty creature lurking in our sewers that hurts all of us in the wallet.

The Root Ogre:  A nasty partner of the Grease Monster.

Q&A:  The big white square truck and what it does for us.

Q&A:  What exactly am I paying for when I pay my quarterly sewer bill?

The Most Difficult Question:  From a visitor to the plant and how we finally answered it.

A Horror Story:  What can happen if you don’t know where your cleanout are.

Biosolids:  Questions from a resident.

Cleaning Sewers:  How the township cleans sewers.

Disposal of  Medicines:  The proper disposal procedures for medicines.

Easements:  What they are and your obligations.

Fact Sheet from Water is Life:  Explains infrastructures and its importance.

FAQ:  Water is Life frequently asked questions.

Inflow & Infiltration:  How stormwater and groundwater can cause expensive problems for the plant.

Plant Wisely:  The location of where you plant trees can effect us in a few years.

Sewer Backups:  Dealing with sewers and preventing backups.

Clean water today for a better tomorrow!