Western Washington County Families

I had initially planned to publish the genealogies of a number of early western Washington County Maine families on this web site. However, I have recently realized that this would be very redundant with several excellent publications that already discuss these families in great detail, including the following:

  1. "Early Pleasant River Families of Washington County, Maine"; Leonard F Tibbetts and Darryl B Lamson; Picton Press, Rockport ME; 1997
  2. "A Leighton Genealogy"; Perley M Leighton; New England Historic Genealogical Society; 1989
  3. "Early Families of Jonesport, Maine"; Leonard F Tibbetts and Darryl B Lamson; Brewer ME; 1985
  4. "Early Narraguagus River Families of Washington County Maine"; Darryl B Lamson and Leonard F Tibbetts; Picton Press, Rockport ME; 2002

Options that I am considering include publishing additions and corrections to the above sources and/or situations where the available facts might lead a researcher to different conclusions.

Until then -

These and other family genealogies will be made available as time permits. As with most genealogies, they should be considered as work in process. Due to the lack of vital records during the early settlement of Washington County, a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence is required and regardless of how it is assembled, inconsistencies remain. Corrections would be appreciated.                                 

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