Abel Page

M, b. 8 June 1731
  • Birth*: 8 June 1731; W. Parish, Haverhill, MA

Gideon Page

M, b. 12 September 1733, d. 26 November 1736
  • Birth*: 12 September 1733; W. Parish, Haverhill, MA
  • Death*: 26 November 1736

William Page

M, b. 17 November 1738
  • Birth*: 17 November 1738; W. Parish, Haverhill, MA

Cornelius Page

M, b. 15 July 1649, d. 10 October 1697
  • Burial*: Burial Ground, Haverhill, MA
  • Christening*: 15 July 1649; Hingham, MA
  • Marriage*: 16 January 1684; Haverhill, MA; Principal=Mary Marsh
  • Death*: 10 October 1697; Haverhill, MA
  • Note*: First married to Martha Clough, daughter of John 7 Jane Clough of Salisbury, MA (Born 22 Mar,1654 Salisbury, Died 11 May 1683 Haverhill, Buried in Old "Pentucket" Burial Ground. Cornelius and Martha were married in a double wedding with brother and sister Mercy Page and John Clough. Children by Martha: John, Amos, Elizabeth, Joanna, Mehitable, Cornelius (born 1675-83) Cornelius was a "Plaanter" and took the oath as freeman in Haverhill on 28 Nov 1677.
  • Note: Information from: "Salisbury MA" by Hoyt, 1: 275-76; "History of Hingham", 57;Havertown MA Vital Records, 1: 236-39; 2: 241, 454; "Haverhill MA" by Chase, 173,277; Hist. Coll Essex Inst. 5: 143; NEHGR, 6: 203; "Insc. Pentucket Cem." by Johnson & Tenney, 193; "John Clough" by Speare, frontis.; "Fam E MA by Cutter, 561; "My Ancestry" by E D Page, 7 . S

Family: Mary Marsh b. 12 Mar 1659, d. 24 Nov 1697

Mary Marsh

F, b. 12 March 1659, d. 24 November 1697
  • Birth*: 12 March 1659; Haverhill, MA
  • Marriage*: 16 January 1684; Haverhill, MA; Principal=Cornelius Page
  • Death*: 24 November 1697
  • Note*: daughter of Onesiphorus Marsh and Hannah Cutler Marsh

Family: Cornelius Page b. 15 Jul 1649, d. 10 Oct 1697

Joseph Page

M, b. 21 September 1686, d. 13 February 1687
  • Birth*: 21 September 1686; Haverhill, MA
  • Death*: 13 February 1687

Joseph Page

M, b. 12 September 1689
  • Birth*: 12 September 1689; Haverhill, MA

Sarah Page

F, b. 23 November 1691, d. 18 June 1762
  • Birth*: 23 November 1691; Haverhill, MA
  • Death*: 18 June 1762; Haverhill, MA

Cornelius Page

M, b. 20 May 1696
  • Birth*: 20 May 1696; Haverhill, MA

John Page

M, b. circa 1614, d. 23 November 1687
  • Burial*: Old "Pentucket", Burial Ground
  • Birth*: circa 1614; Hingham, Norfolk Co, England
  • Marriage*: circa 1640; Hingham, MA; Principal=Mary Marsh
  • Death*: 23 November 1687; Haverhill, MA
  • Note*: John probably came to MA in 1635 as a young man of 21. Perhaps he came alone, since he is not listed with families among ship passengers. It appears he may have had skills of a carpenter and builder because in s. Hingham MA there is a "Page Bridge", perhaps built by him, anda field called "Page Meadow". He was admitted as a freeman in Hingham MA on 8 Oct 1640 at the age og 26, and this was probably the year he married Mary. In 1646 he may have been involved in the controversy over the militia co cmdr (LT Eames vs LT Allen). Along with others and the pastor, Peter Hobart, he was fined 15s 5d for insubordination but relieved of the fine upon plea of poverty. As an aftermathof this militia dispute, many left Hingham in the next few years. In 1946 John went to Haverhill MA where Mary's brother, Onesiphorus Marsh was settling.Since he had four children baptized over in Hingham after 1646, it seems probable that hedidnot bring his family to Haverhill until about 1651. During these first five years John no doubt contributed his carpentry skills to the building of Haverhill, obtained a grant of land there in his first year (1646) ("Haverhill MA" by Mirick, 28), and returned periodically to Hingham, where Mary stayed near her widowed mother (1647) until Elizabeth's remarriage to Richard Bowen, and bore three of her children before returning with John to Haverhill. John's town lot in Haverhill consisted of about 16 acres on Water St., east of Main St., where he probably had home.
  • Note: Information from: "History of Hingham MA, 1: 4-14, 202-03; 3: 56-57, 105; Haverhill MA Vital Records 1: 237; 2: 453, 455; "History of Haverhill MA" by Mirick, 28; "General History of NH" by e s Stearns, 3: 1181; "Families of Salisbury & Amesbury MA" by Hoyt, 1: 273; "DIctioary of First Settler" by Savage, 3: 330; "Records of Govt & Co of MA Bay, 1: 378; 2: 164; 3: 80; "History of Haverhill MA" by Chase, 8880; Essex Co MA Public Records, 3: 148;"Ipswich and New England" by A E G Jones, "Suffolk REv." 3: 71-82 on the Marshes; "Descendants of John Page" by Theda Brigham 170-73.

Family: Mary Marsh b. c 1622, d. 15 Feb 1697

Mary Marsh

F, b. circa 1622, d. 15 February 1697
  • Burial*: Burial Ground, Haverhill, MA
  • Birth*: circa 1622; Hingham, Norfolk Co, England
  • Marriage*: circa 1640; Hingham, MA; Principal=John Page
  • Death*: 15 February 1697; Haverhill, MA

Family: John Page b. c 1614, d. 23 Nov 1687

John Page

M, b. 11 July 1641
  • Christening*: 11 July 1641

Onesiphorus Page

M, b. 20 November 1642
  • Christening*: 20 November 1642

Benjamin Page

M, b. 14 July 1644
  • Christening*: 14 July 1644

Mary Page

F, b. 3 May 1646, d. 2 February 1718
  • Christening*: 3 May 1646; Hingham, MA
  • Death*: 2 February 1718; Salisbury, MA
  • Note*: Mary married (1st) 23 Oct 1655, in Haverhill, John Dow (son of Thomas Dow) (1645-1672); married (2nd) 14 July 1673, Samuel Sheppard (1641-1707). Dow children: Mary, Joseph, John. Sheppard children: Mary, Bethia, Samuel, john, Israel, Sarah, Sarah. The last, Sarah Sheppard, married Samuel Dow and had 7 children

Joseph Page

M, b. 5 March 1648
  • Christening*: 5 March 1648

Sarah Page

F, b. 18 July 1651, d. 23 March 1686
  • Christening*: 18 July 1651; Hingham, MA
  • Death*: 23 March 1686; Haverhill, MA
  • Note*: Sarah married 14 Jan 1669, in Haverhill, James Sanders (91643-1721). Sanders children: James, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, James, infant, Avery, Avery (1671-83)

Elizabeth Page

F, b. 14 June 1653, d. 3 July 1653
  • Birth*: 14 June 1653; Haverhill, MA
  • Death*: 3 July 1653

Mercy Page

F, b. 1 April 1655, d. 15 January 1719
  • Birth*: 1 April 1655; Haverhill, MA
  • Death*: 15 January 1719; Salisbury, MA
  • Note*: Mercy married 13 Nov 1674,in Salisbury(in a double wedding along with her brother Cornelius & Martha Clough) John Clough (1649-1718). Clough children: Benoni, Mary, John, Cornelius, Caleb, Joseph, Sarah, Jonathan, Martha, Moses, Aaron, Tabitha (1675-98) For subsequent descendants see "Clough History" by Armstrong, "Merrill Memoirs", and NEHGR, 86: 281, 337

(?) Page

M, b. 26 March 1658, d. STILLBORN
  • Death*: STILLBORN
  • Birth*: 26 March 1658; Haverhill, MA

Ephraim Page

M, b. 27 February 1659, d. 22 July 1659
  • Birth*: 27 February 1659; Haverhill, MA
  • Death*: 22 July 1659

Abigail (Marsh) Page

F, b. 21 February 1671
  • Birth*: 21 February 1671
  • Note*: adopted niece, 1685.

George Yarian

M, b. 18 October 1733, d. December 1804
  • Birth*: 18 October 1733; Oley, Westmoreland, PA2,3,4
  • Baptism: 10 December 1733; Oley, Northampton, PA, USA5,6
  • Marriage*: circa 1756; Principal=Anna Barbara Fossleman2
  • Marriage*: circa 1771; Principal=Margaret Williams7
  • Burial*: circa 1804; Kepple Cemetery, Vandergriff, PA4
  • Death*: December 1804; Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland, PA1,5
  • Occupation*: Farmer8
  • Note*: Said to have lived in Westmoreland County, PA. Gunsmith, hunter.9
  • Note: German or Switzer descent? Died about 30?9
  • Name Variation: John George Yarian4
  • Name Variation: george yerian
  • Name Variation: John George Yearian5

Family 1: Anna Barbara Fossleman b. c 1735, d. c 1770

Family 2: Margaret Williams b. c 1746, d. 30 Apr 1833


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    George's is another case of Ieryan being read as Jergan. Since he was born just a year after Matthias arrived in America, he was presumably born on the Kauffman farm. As was common, he was given the same name as the baptismal sponsor or godfather, in this case someone named George Ohr. If you are interested you can find information on Rev. John Caspar Stoever by Googling him.

    Although Conrad's record is handwritten, it is not the original. It was copied in 1750 and is evidently an abbreviation of the original. Only 1 date is given instead of both birth and baptismal dates. I suspect this was the baptismal date, but the author of the book this was found in says it was the birth date. Also the sponsors' names are omitted, as was the baptismal first name. In a later record his name was given as George Conrad. This record is from St. Gabriel's Church which is said to be the oldest church in Berks County, dating from 1720. You can also find info by Googling St. Gabriels's Church, Berks County.

    Susanna's transcription gives her birthdate as February 19, 1741. But her gravestone says February 15, 1740. I have posted a photo of her gravestone on Find A Grave, at:
    but it is such a poor photo you can't read it at all. I hope to get a better one someday. The baptismal record is from Jordan Lutheran Church, Lehigh County, which can also be Googled.

    We know from Matthias' will that Elizabeth was older than Susanna, but we don't know whether she was older than Conrad. Jacob was clearly the youngest, the only one still a minor at the time, but we don't have a birthdate for him. He was confirmed in the church in 1768 which usually happens in the mid teens and he was a father by 1771.
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Adam Yarian

M, b. 1776
  • Marriage*: Principal=(?) Palmer2
  • Birth*: 17761

Family: (?) Palmer

  • Moses Yarian2


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Simon Yarian

M, b. 6 March 1826
  • Birth*: 6 March 1826; Unity, Columbiana, Ohio1
  • Name Variation: Simeon Yarian1
  • Census*: 1870; Palmos/Smith, Mahoning, Ohio2


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    Yarrian, Sophiah, 12, F, W, at school, born Ohio
    Yarrian, John, 8, M, W, at school, born Ohio
    Yarrian, Rebecca, 8, F, W, at school, born Ohio
    Yarrian Mary E., 5, F, W, born Ohio
    Yarrian, Daniel, 1, M, W, born Ohio.

Rebecca Yarian

F, b. 24 July 1835, d. 7 February 1906
  • Birth*: 24 July 1835; Columbiana, Ohio, USA1
  • Death*: 7 February 19061
  • Burial*: after 7 February 1906; New Springfield Cemetery, New Springfield, Mahoning, Ohio, USA1


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Sarah Anna Yarian1

F, b. circa 1837, d. 28 May 1840
  • Birth*: circa 18371
  • Death*: 28 May 1840; Columbiana, Ohio, USA1
  • Burial*: after 28 May 1840; Unity Brick Church Cemetery, Columbiana, Ohio, USA1


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Hiram Yarian

M, b. circa 1845
  • Birth*: circa 1845
  • Marriage*: November 1869; Principal=Violet (?)
  • Note*: 1870 U.S. Census, (Roll M593-1184), Unity Twp., Columbiana Cty., Ohio: Yarian, Hiram, age 25, M, W, Farm Laborer, born Ohio, Married Nov 1869 Yarian, Violet, age 19, F, W, Keeping House, born Ohio, Marr. Nov 1869
  • Note: 1880 U.S. Census, (Roll T9-1002), Unity Twp., Columbiana Cty., Ohio: Yarian, Hiram, W, M, 36, Farmer,b. Ohio, father b. Pa., mother b. Pa. Yarian, Violet, W F, 29, wife, keeping house, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, Emma A., W, F, 10, Daughter, at home, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, Maggie J. W, F, 8, Daughter, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, Harrison, W, M, 6, Son, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, George, W, M, 4, Son, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, Anice, W, F, 4, Daughter, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, Edward C., W, M, 3, b. Ohio father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio Yarian, Epraim J., W, M, 1/12, b. Ohio father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio

Family: Violet (?) b. c 1851

Mary Yarian

F, b. circa 1850
  • Birth*: circa 18501


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Samantha Yarian

F, b. circa 1848
  • Birth*: circa 18481


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