Clamping & Hold-downs

Emmert Turtleback

This is actually the second Emmert I purchased. A garage sale just 3 miles from my house lead me to take a peek into this fellow's newly emptied barn. Still mounted on the built-in wall length bench was the Emmert vise. I asked if was for sale;he told me the price; I handed him the full $ questions asked.


Emmert K-1

Found this fella' in 1982 at Englishtown Flea Market. I had just finished a part-time job in a patternshop, so I knew what I had. I also knew I had never seen one for sale before. I shelled out the $60 asking price and lugged the heavy thing nearly 3/4 mile back to the truck.



Emmert Junior K-16

Paid "ePay" prices for this little guy...about $325. Bought it so my son's could have their "own" work bench. Soon taken over with dad's tool chest, dad's air compressor, dad's.... you get the picture.


Carving Vise

This clamping devise was once offered by Woodcraft Supply Company. While no longer available through them, it not be difficult to fabricate at home.



Will-Burt Co.

Originally desogned and made in Orrville, Ohio, the Will-Burt Company made this Vise with a patent date of 1901 listed. Later offered under the Columbian name, the Versa Vice is and its assorted bases are still sold by Freeman Pattern Supply.