Antelope Creek Bridge -- 80K

Antelope Creek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-15-02

This queenpost truss bridge was erected about 10 miles south of Eagle Point in 1922. Its 58 ft. span crossed Antelope Creek. In 1987, years after the structure had been closed to traffic, there was talk of tearing it down. The townsfolk of Eagle Point came the old bridge’s rescue.

In August of that same year, the portals, roof and siding were carefully removed, the truss was loaded onto a make-shift trailer, and the entire structure was relocated to the middle of Eagle Point, Oregon to span Little Butte Creek as a pedestrian crossing. Volunteers struggled through the autumn to renovate the bridge and add the new approaches. Large windows were cut into the sides to provide light and visibility for the school children who would be using the span. This alteration, however, caused the bridge to be removed from the National Register of Historic Places.

In spite of this, the town of Eagle Point has transformed this deteriorated relic into a place of pride for their community. With its attractive new approach, the large viewing windows, and the attention to landscaping, Antelope Creek Bridge would certainly be on anyone’s “must see” list for Oregon’s covered bridges.

Eagle Point is north of Medford on highway 62. To get to the bridge... Aw heck, you can’t miss it!