Bohemian Hall Bridge  -- 14K

Bohemian Hall Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-22-07

Bohemian Hall Bridge once carried traffic over Crabtree Creek on Richardson Gap Road. It served from 1947 until its removal to and storage in a Linn County Maintenance yard in 1987. The traffic load had increased on the road to the point that the bridge was inadequate to bear them.

Its name commemorates the Tolstoj ZCBJ (Bohemian Hall) Lodge built in 1922 by the Czechoslovakian immigrants who settled this area.

The 120 ft. Howe Truss bridge's future remains clouded. In 1990, there was great interest in rebuilding the bridge in Albany's Timber-Linn Park, the site of the annual Timber Carnival (as seen on TV!). If done, it would bridge a stream on the site and rest alongside various antique logging equipment. In 1997, work had begun on this project, but perhaps the bridge truss had sat exposed for too many years in the maintenance yard. The timbers are just too deteriorated to reassemble the bridge without replacing nearly all of them, and the cost of doing so is far in excess of the available funds.