Cavitt Creek Bridge  -- 74K

Cavitt Creek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-10-06

Cavitt Creek Bridge crosses the Little River at its confluence with Cavitt Creek which was named for Robert Cavitt, a pioneer settler of the 1880's. It has a 70 ft. span using a Howe Truss and was built in 1943 by Douglas County bridge builder, Floyd Frear. The odd Moorish portals on each side were so constructed to allow high loads on log trucks. It is the only bridge in Oregon with such a feature.

To get there take highway 138 from Roseburg to Glide. From there, take county road 17A south for one mile then stay to the left and follow 17 four miles to Peel. Continue on one mile to the bridge at the intersection or county roads 17 and 82.