Chambers Railroad Bridge  -- 80K

Chambers (Railroad)  Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-40

Chambers is the only remaining covered railway bridge in Oregon. The 78 ft. Howe Truss span was named for the Frank Chambers Sawmill which it served from its construction in 1936 until the sawmill burned in 1943. It has stood abandoned crossing the Coast Fork of the Willamette River ever since.

The bridge's odd proportions reflect its usage. It had to be tall to accommodate steam locomotives, and it had to be sturdy to hold up to the weight of loaded log cars on thier way to the mill. The timbers were all hand hewed. Sawing raises the grain of the wood and allows moisture to enter. Dimensioning the cords with adze and broadax produces a smooth, naturally water repellent surface.

This, for it's uniqueness, is another must see Oregon covered bridge. In Cottage Grove, go south on River Road. You can't miss it.