Coyote Creek Bridge -- 14K

Coyote Creek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-02

This structure bridges Coyote Creek on one of Oregon's pioneer territorial roads. The span is only 60 ft. long, but has a 10 ton load limit. It was built in 1922 using a Howe Truss.

Officially known as Coyote Creek Bridge, it is sometimes locally referred to as "Battle Creek Bridge" named for the road it is on. It is also known as "Swing Log Bridge". This was a name it was called many years ago.

Take Crow Road, which is 6 miles west of Eugene off of S.R. 126, to its intersection with Territorial Highway. Go south one mile on Battle Creek Road (there was no road sign for Battle Creek when I visited), then turn west to get to the bridge.