Crawfordsville Bridge -- 23K

Crawfordsville Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-22-15

This bridge's 105 ft. Howe Truss crosses the Calapooia River, named for an area Indian tribe, at Crawfordsville. The bridge and the town derive their name from Philemon Crawford on whose land the town was platted in the 1870's. The bridge was bypassed in 1963 and title was returned to Linn County from the state. The county turned the bridge site into a park commemorating the historical value of the structure.

When originally built in 1932, the bridge had rounded portals, but they were enlarged and reshaped in later years to accommodate larger vehicles. The long slit windows on each side of the bridge represent another style employed by Linn County when constructing its open sided bridges.

In 1976 the bridge was featured in the TV movie The Flood. upon the film's completion, the production company painted the span. Local residents regularly police the span for litter and light maintenance, and in 1986, the Oregon Covered Bridge Society did a major cleanup and pruned back the brush from the structure. In 1987, the Community Services Consortium allocated $23,000 toward renovating the old bridge.

To visit, take highway 228 to Crawfordsville. The bridge is a frog's hop from the concrete highway span.