Deadwood Bridge -- 17K

Deadwood Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-38

In 1932 Miller Sorenson built this span over Deadwood creek. He set the road decking at a slight angle as a safety concern because the bridge is located at a curve in the road. Employing a Howe Truss, the bridge is 105 ft. long and has a load limit of 5 tons.

The bridge was bypassed by a concrete span in the 1970's and allowed to decline into serious disrepair. In the 1980's, Lane County officials decided to rehabilitate the structure. In October of 1986 after all repairs were made and the bridge was restored to its original condition, a celebration was held to rededicate the span for highway use.

This bridge is another one for the bridge enthusiast must see list. It is located in a heavily wooded vale along a gravel lane and encompasses all the charm one could want for a covered bridge.

From Mapleton, head north to Deadwood. Take Deadwood Creek Road about five miles to Deadwood Loop Road on which it is located.