Dorena Bridge  -- 11K

Dorena  Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-23

The bridge received its name from the town of Dorena which was named for two area residents, Dora Burnett and Rena Martin. The town was inundated when Dorena Reservoir was filled in 1946. Government Camp Road was built along its west bank in 1948, and plans were drawn up for this new bridge. The span was completed and opened in 1949.

This 105 ft. crossing features the usual Howe Truss and bridges Row River (as in a fight kind of row, not row like a row boat). It was bypassed in 1974 by a concrete bridge and allowed to fall into disrepair.

In the 1980's, Lane County began a mothballing project for it's abandoned bridges. The asphalt was removed from Dorena's decking and the bridge was fumigated. In 1996, a total restoration of the bridge was completed, and it now stands in mint condition.

Take Row River Road east from Cottage Grove to Government Camp Road. Follow it for seven miles to the bridge.