Earnest Bridge -- 79K

Earnest Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-35

Earnest Bridge is a 75 ft. Howe Truss span crossing the Mohawk River. The stream and Mohawk Valley were named by 1847 pioneer Jacob Spores because they reminded him so much of his New York state birthplace.

The bridge was built in 1938 at a cost of $2,449 which included demolition cost of $72 for the Adams Bridge which it replaced. Another notable fact is that Earnest Bridge was featured in the 1965 film Shenandoah. It was dressed by studio carpenters to resemble a Civil War era bridge, and then restored to original with new siding and paint at the film's completion.

Take Marcola Road (14th Street) north out of Springfield for 17 miles and turn right on Pachelke Road to the bridge.