Fourtner Bridge -- 14K

Fourtner Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-27-03

Doc Fourtner, a Polk county dairy farmer, got a little tired of swimming his cattle across the south fork of the Yamhill River. His solution? Build a 66 ft. bridge with a Queenpost truss to keep his critters dry on their way to greener pastures. Erected in 1932, Fourtner hand hewed the truss timbers with adz and broadax. His wife, Lydia, helped split the cedar shakes for the original roof. The bridge presently has a metal roof. In years past, Fourtner bridge marked a favorite swimming hole for the area residents.

This is a private bridge on private property. You must ask permission to access the property. Take highway 18 to Grand Ronde and turn north on Ackerson Road. Proceed about one mile and turn left. Go about one block keeping to the left of the wye in the road. Stop at the last house.