Gallon House Bridge -- 65K

Gallon House Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-24-01

Gallon House is now Marion County's last covered bridge. It was erected in 1916 using a Howe truss spanning 84 feet. It's name arises from an era in which the town on one side of the bridge, Silverton, was dry, but the town across Abiqua Creek, Mt. Angel, was wet. Enterprising bootlegers would meet thirsty travelers on the "wet" side of the bridge! This bridge is in a picturesque pastoral setting and is a true gem, however, some critics have been know to compare its stocky shape to an over-grown dog house. I would disagree.

The bridge is just to the northwest of Silverton. Take highway 214 north about a half mile to Hobart Road. Turn to the west and after one mile turn right on Gallon House Road. It's about a half mile farther.