Oregon Covered Bridge Guide

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For more information on the structural support methods used in Oregon's covered bridges visit the Truss Types page.

Benton County:

  1. Harris -- must see!
  2. Hayden
  3. Irish Bend

Coos County:

  1. Sandy Creek

Deschutes County:

  1. Rock O' the Range

Douglas County:

  1. Cavitt Creek
  2. Horse Creek
  3. Milo Academy
  4. Neal Lane -- must see!
  5. Pass Creek
  6. Roaring Camp -- UPDATE -- this bridge has been demolished
  7. Rochester

Jackson County:

  1. Antelope Creek -- must see!
  2. Lost Creek
  3. McKee -- must see!
  4. Wimer

Josephine County:

  1. Grave Creek -- UPDATE -- This bridge has been restored!

Lane County:

  1. Belknap
  2. Centennial
  3. Chambers Railroad -- must see!
  4. Coyote Creek
  5. Currin
  6. Deadwood -- must see!
  7. Dorena
  8. Earnest
  9. Goodpasture -- must see!
  10. Lake Creek
  11. Lowell
  12. Mosby
  13. Office -- must see!
  14. Parvin
  15. Pengra -- must see!
  16. Stewart
  17. Unity
  18. Wendling
  19. Wildcat -- must see!

Lincoln County:

  1. Chitwood
  2. Drift Creek -- UPDATE -- this bridge has been dismantled
  3. Fisher
  4. North Fork of the Yachats -- must see!

Linn County:

  1. Bohemian Hall
  2. Crawfordsville
  3. Gilkey
  4. Hannah
  5. Hoffman
  6. Larwood -- must see!
  7. Shimanek
  8. Short -- must see!
  9. Weddle

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Marion County:

  1. Gallon House -- must see!
  2. Jordan -- UPDATE -- Restoration is now complete!!!
  3. Overfield -- Oregon's newest covered bridge !!!

Multnomah County:

  1. Cedar Crossing
  2. (the lost) Widing -- UPDATE --Widing Bridge is gone.

Polk County:

  1. Fourtner
  2. Ritner Creek

For more pictures of these bridges plus an historical archive of bridges long since razed, visit the Oregon department of Transportation website. They have many excellent pictures.

Oregon Department of Transportation

For more information on Oregon's Covered Bridges in printed form look for the following two books: These books may be out of print at this time, but may be availble through libraries, used book stores, or internet sources.

A further resource for information specific to Oregon covered bridges is the Covered bridge Society of Oregon. Currently there is no website for them, however, they can be contacted at the following address:

Covered Bridge Society of Oregon
24595 SW Neill Road
Sherwood, Oregon 97140
(503) 628-1906

For all the information there is (!) on
covered bridges visit Atawalk


Another good covered bridge
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The New York State Covered
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