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Jordan Bridge

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This bridge originally traversed Thomas creek. It was built in 1937 and spanned 90 ft. with its Howe truss. In 1987 Linn county decided to replace it with a concrete span, and Stayton residents in neighboring Marion county asked if they could take possesion. The Jordan Bridge Company, a preseveration group, was promptly formed and enlisted volunteers and various authorities to aid in moving the bridge and reconstructing it across the Salem power canal. It stood there as a momument to the caring citizens of this community until 1994 when a fire tragically destroyed the structure.

The bridge was located in Stayton's Pioneer Park. A plaque marks where the bridge once stood.


Jordan Bridge returns!

Reconstruction has begun on the Jordan Bridge in Stayton's Pioneer Park. The Rebuild the Jordan Bridge Committee started work on the project on May 16, 1998. The work hours are from 8AM to 5PM on weekends only.assembled truss Anyone who wishes to help with the project is encouraged to contact the committee at 1234 Highland Court, Stayton, OR 97383, telephone (503) 769-5985 or (503) 769-2146.

Good progress has already been made. Cords have been fashioned from laminated timbers and as of today, July 10, the two truss members have been assembled and painted. We all are looking forward to the completion of this great project.

July 18, 1998

This weekend the trusses were lifted into place. Holm II, Inc., a Stayton construction company, donated labor and the use of its crane to aid area volunteers in placing the trusses over the canal. So far, it is estimated that the men, women and children of the community have put 1055 hours into this project working weekends and evenings. Now with Jordan Bridge's trusses spanning the waters once again, it won't be long until the restoration is complete. It is hoped that the project will be completed by the time school starts in the fall, and this old friend of the community will be with us once again.

August 2, 1998

Work progresses nicely at the bridge site. The wooden planking for the roadbed is now complete and for the first time since the old bridge burned on can walk across the water at this point.

August 17, 1998

Work continues. The portal framing goes up.

August 23, 1998

With the truss in place and the decking installed, now it is time for the roof! This week begins that process by building and installing the roof trusses. It is difficult to believe the speed at which the restoration progresses. One must bear in mind that this is an all volunteer community project. The laborers and planners are to be commended.

Labor Day 1998

The image of a covered bridge is now truly in sight. The roof trusses are in place and the roof lathe installed. The new Jordan Bridge awaits only the installation of the split cedar shingles to take its place among Oregon's covered bridges.

September 19, 1998

This week finds the roof complete and the siding well on its way to completion.

September 26, 1998 -- Dedication Day

Dedication ceremonies where held today to inaugurate the newest covered bridge in Oregon. With the siding up and all work done save for a final coat of paint, the restoration of the Jordan Covered Bridge in now complete. A dedication celebration was held with local officials and bridge lovers from everywhere coming together to honor the volunteers of the Stayton community who came together to heroically rebuilt this structure coming in ahead of schedule and under budget.

Finished with the final coats of paint applied.

Dedication Program

Introductions: Hank Porter

Presentation of Colors: BSA Troop 50

Recognition of State, County and Local officials

Comments by:

Bill Cockrell, Oregon Covered Bridge Society

Curt Ward

Steve Strawn

Other Recognitions: Hank Porter

Ribbon Cutting

Dessert and Refreshments

The Rebuild The Jordan Bridge Committee

Steve Strawn - President
Curt Ward - Vice President
Dick Morley - Secretary-Treasurer
Emil Nelson - Director
Marcy Watters - Director


Mary Albert, Don Albert, Terry Arnold, Pinna Arnold, Michael Aus, Tom Barthell, Daniel Belthius, Cory Calken. Scott Champion, Bill Cockrell, Linda Cockrell, John Crook, Roswitha Crook, Jody Cupps, Brenda Dairy, Lonnie Dairy, Jesse Davis, Don Davis, Sherrell Davis, Sherry Dunlop, Robert Eatwell, Gary Gescher, Steve Grigg, Eric Grimm, Dale Grimm, C. W. Grooms, Eli Gushulak, Heidi Gushulak, Jessica Gushulak, Kim Gushulak, Jan Hansen, Jim Hansen, Chris Haug, Debi Hennig, John Hennig, Steve Hennig, Dennis Holm, Linda Holm, Dan Houston, Dan Hoynacki, Christine Kinney, Dave Kinney, Dan Merrril, Dick Morley, Brian Murch, Emil Nelson, David Nielson, Allen Noble, Gary Noble, Matthew Noble, Joyce O'Dell, Michael Paulson, Beki Peterson, Henry Porter, Dan Posvar, Adam Potter, Gary Potter, Desiree Reusch, Mike Rhoads, Randy Roberts, Jason Russell, Bill Sanderson, Rick Silbernagel, Don Skeele,, Mackenzie Strawn, Steve Strawn, Jake Summers, Bev Thompson, Dave Thompson, Ellan Underwood, Evan Underwood, Wade Walls, Amy Ward, Brian Ward, Curt Ward, Emily Ward, Fran Ward, Jon Ward, Katie Ward, Joe Watters, Marcy Watters, Harry Welter, Bill Wilkinson, Tom Williams, John Wilson, Pat Wilson, Jon Young. And the many others that helped to build this bridge.

Food & Refreshment Donors

Daylight Donuts and Safeway Bakery and Sweet Temptations have made our coffee breaks and Lela Betker has brought home-made cinnamon rolls. Sherry Dunlop, Marcy Watters and Sandi Porter brought ice cream bars for the hot afternoon breaks.

Others who have spoiled us with delicious food are: Lions Club (Jack Fiske), King Construction (Stacey Hammack), Santiam Memorial Hospital kitchen, Figaro's Pizza North (Mike Hallam), Stayton Mail (Gaynelle Williams), Kiwaniannes (Sandra Nelson and Paula Fery), Historical Society (Carol Zolkowski and many members), Sublimity Quilters (Pat Bums and many members), Rotary and McDonald's (G[en Armstrong and Sal Muscardin), Ugo's Pizza (Kerry Johnson), Bev and Dave Thompson, La Esperanza, Sandi Porter and Pat Cloakey, Washington Mutual, Erik Grimm, Stacey Graham, Stayton Telephone, Morn's Club, Commercial Bank, Figaro's Pizza South, Shaw's Meat Market, Donna Posvar and girls, and Pepsi Cola Bottling. There were several anonymous goodies left for our enjoyment, too. The volunteers thank each and every one of you. And a very special Thank You to Donna Posvar for all her time and efforts in coordinating the lunch time meals and the special dinner for our work crews.

Business Donors

Thank you to the following businesses who donated equipment, materials and services: Trademark Construction, HoIm II, Emery & Sons Construction, C. D. Redding Construction, Freres Building Supply, Portland Bolt, Ace Hardware, Summit Window, Trus Joist, Loyd Fery Farms, Stayton Cooperative Telephone, Koenig Repair, Advance Design, Pacific Coast Electric, A. L. Zimmerman Builders, Norsanco, Morse Brothers, Spaniols, Penske Logistics, Buffalo Quick Print and Martin Boatwright - Boatwright Engineering and City of Stayton.