Lake Creek Bridge -- 81K

Lake Creek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-06

Perhaps because it resides on Nelson Mountain Road, Lake Creek Bridge is sometimes referred to as Nelson Creek Bridge, yet Lake Creek Bridge does, indeed, span Lake Creek. There are other contradiction that may give one pause. There is a center pier under the bridge even though there are other longer spans in Oregon which do not need any such center supports. And finally, inside the bridge has concrete decking.

In 1984, the bridge received a major overhaul that included the center pier and concrete decking. The pier was a necessary addition since the precast concrete decking works independently of the Howe truss. Perhaps, this will be a future compromise necessary to save at least the appearance of a covered bridge.

Originally, the bridge was built in 1928 using a Howe Truss for support. The Length is 105 feet. It was built for a cost of $3,155. The top and bottom chords of the truss are each cut from single logs. The uppers are 12" x 12" x 79 feet. The lower chords are 12" x 12" by 111 feet!

The bridge is situated to the east of Deadwood a quarter mile off highway 36 on Nelson Mountain Road.