Larwood Bridge -- 87K

Larwood Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-22-06

Larwood was the site of a store, a blacksmith shop and a post office. It was settled by William Larwood in 1888. The bridge, built in 1939, crosses Crabtree Creek near the point where the Roaring River empties into the creek. This is another Oregon oddity. It is the only place in the United States where a river empties into a Creek.

The bridge is open sided and employs a Howe Truss for its support. Nearby is the bridge is another unusual feature of this site. Across Crabtree Creek in the Larwood Wayside Park below the bridge is an old water wheel which was used to drive machinery in the bygone era.

The beauty of this area invokes images of gallery paintings, and is definitely on the must see list of Oregon's bridges.

From Richardson Gap Road head east on Larwood Drive approximately four miles to the bridge and wayside.

NOTE: It is well worth the short trip up Fish Hatchery Road to visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Roaring River Fish Hatchery. This hatchery produces rainbow trout and steelhead. They have display and interpretive signs on the premises, and often have live rainbow trout up to fifteen pounds on display. Also, Between the bridge and the hatchery is Linn County's Roaring River Park. The Park covers 28 acres in all with picnicking facilities, but what is most impressive is the ambling trail along the Roaring River. The walk is about three tenths of a mile and has many beautiful places to stop and appreciate the beauty of this wondrous place.