Lost Creek Bridge  -- 120K

Lost Creek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-15-03

There is some confusion as to the date that Lost Creek bridge was erected, but there is no confusion about the fact that at 39 ft., it is Oregonís shortest covered bridge. County records indicate that the bridge was built in 1919, but local residents swear that the actual date was somewhere between 1874 and 1881. Some credence is lent to this estimate by the fact that Johnny Miller, the builder of Lost Creek bridge, is also recorded as having re-roofed the nearby Lake Creek bridge in the early 1880ís. Perhaps the 1919 date reflects maintenance or repairs. If so, then Lost Creek would certainly beat Lincoln Countyís Drift Creek bridge (1914) as the oldest.

Today the queenpost truss span is bypassed by a concrete structure, and it serves as the centerpiece for Walch Memorial Wayside Park built and maintained by the descendants of John and Marie Newsome Walch.

From highway 62, turn east on highway 140 and follow it to the Lake Creek exit. From Lake Creek, go three and a half miles on South Fork Little Butte Road, then turn right on Lost Creek Road. The bridge is a half a mile farther.