McKee Bridge -- 89K

McKee Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-15-06

McKee Bridge is Oregon’s southernmost span resting only eight miles from the California border. It was built in 1917 by John Hartman of Jacksonville and served until 1956 when it was declared unsafe for vehicular traffic. The land for the site was donated by rancher Adelbert “Deb” McKee, whose home had also served as a stage station and halfway point for the Blue Ledge copper mine which operated until 1919. Relief horses were kept there for the ore wagons. Lodging was also provided for travelers.

The 122 ft. span is 45 ft. above the Applegate River, named for Lindsey Applegate, the pioneer trail blazer who opened the southern route for Oregon settlers. It is supported by a Howe truss and is stiffened with flying buttresses. A scenic park, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s, is adjacent to the bridge. This is another "must see" covered bridge.

Take highway 238 to Ruch, Oregon. Head south on Applegate Road following the Applegate Dam signs to the town of MaKee Bridge. The span is located just south of town.