Roaring Camp Bridge  -- 94K

Roaring Camp Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-10-11

Ownership of this span is in dispute. It serves the three families that live south of Elk Creek and the State lists the structure as a working, private bridge in sad shape. Maintenance on the 88 ft. span is carried out by the people who use it, but they are trying to convince the county that the structure is worth saving. Nestled in the wooded riverbank this Howe truss bridge built in 1927 is high on the picturesque scale, but itís future is doubtful unless some money is spent to restore the aging roofed crossing.

Travel west on highway 38 exactly 6.7 miles from the blinking light at Drain, Oregon.. Watch carefully on the left. The bridge is only about a thousand feet from the road, but it can be difficult to spot as it is surrounded by foliage.


New Roaring Camp Bridge

Roaring Camp Bridge is gone!

Sadly, Roaring Camp covered bridge is no longer with us. After receiving email that the bridge could not be located, I made a trip down to see for myself. It seems that several years ago the bridge became impassable, and since funds were not available for rebuilding, the structure was demolished and replaced with a more economical wooden span supported by pilings. I'm not sure of the exact date of its replacement. One area resident said in 1997, and another said he thought a couple of years before that. Strangely, now that the bridge is gone, a street sign has appeared at the junction of HWY 38 and Roaring Camp Road thus making it easier to find the place where the bridge no longer stands!