Rochester Bridge -- 17K

Rochester Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-10-04

This 80 ft. Howe truss span stands out as unique for its graceful arched windows. It was built in 1933 by master bridgewright Floyd Frear.

In the 1950ís a nearby covered bridge was burned down by county crews to make way for a new concrete span. Local residents began to fear that the same thing was in store for Rochester Bridge. Enraged by the rumors neighbors gathered with weapons in hand to guard the bridge until a promise could be secured from the County Commissioner that the bridge would not be burned. roadwork

In the fall of 1992, County road crews descended on the bridge to make major repairs on the roadbed. It looks as thought the promise still holds to the present day. Perhaps government agencies are coming to learn that some expense is necessary to preserve a treasure.

Take highway 38 west two miles from Sutherlin. Go north on county road 10-A for one mile to the bridge.