Rock O' the Range -- 18K

Rock O' the Range Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-09-X1

This 42 span is the only covered roadway bridge east of the Cascade mountains in Oregon. It is not, according to the World Guide, a “true” covered bridge because it is not supported by a truss, hence the letter designation in the last digits of its guide number. Yet, look at it! Roof above, water below. I’m not going to split hairs. The bridge was privately built by a local land owner, William Bowen, in 1963 across the Swalley Canal for access to his property. Dechutes County officials consider the bridge a hazard because of its small size and limited access, and they refuse to maintain it. So, upkeep is provided by the residents who use the bridge for access to their property.

Go two miles north of Bend on highway 97. Turn left on Bowery Road. The bridge is just a few feet off the main highway.