Sandy Creek Bridge  -- 118K

Sandy Creek  Bridge

"Remote Bridge"

World Guide Number: 37-06-09

This 60 ft. Howe truss span is officially called Sandy Creek Bridge for the stream it traverses, but many people refer to it as Remote Bridge naming it for the small townsite a half mile east. The town was so named in pioneer days because of its isolated location. Sandy Creek bridge remained in service from 1921 until 1949 on state route 42 which is the main route between Roseburg and the Coast. It carried heavy traffic including log trucks and was strengthened with a double Howe structure which is very unusual for such a short span. Another oddity of this bridge are the large framed windows running its length to provide interior light for safety. In 1981 the Myrtle Point Lyons Club adopted the bridge and through their effort transformed the site into a park.

Finding the bridge is easy. Take highway 42 west from Roseburg to Remote. The bridge stands next to the concrete highway crossing.