Shimanek Bridge  -- 87K

Shimanek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-22-03

This is the fifth span to cross Thomas Creek at this location. It was built in 1966, and instead of the usual white, open-sided bridges found in Linn County, this span was designed to resemble the 1927 span it replaced. The older bridge was damaged by falling trees in the Columbus Day storm of 1962 which caused it to be restricted to one lane with a two ton load limit.

The current structure spans 130 ft. with its Howe Truss and can handle the modern highway loads along Richardson Gap Road. When it was first completed the approaches formed an inclined ramp onto the bridge which the local high school crowd soon discovered. The boys would race their cars at high speeds and see how far they could go airborne before slamming down into the bridge's decking. In 1990 after several wrecks and finally one fatality, the County rebuilt the approach to eliminate the temptation.

Take Richardson Gap Road two miles north form Scio to see the bridge.