Short Bridge -- 87K

Short Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-22-09

Short? At 105 ft. the name seems a contradiction until you find out the structure was named to commemorate Gordon Short, a long time area resident. Prior to the renaming the bridge was commonly known as Whiskey Butte Bridge because of the nearby geographical feature.

It is Linn County's easternmost bridge and the Howe Truss span is the last covered bridge across the South Fork of the Santiam River. The area in which the span is located is noted for its wildlife and scenic beauty. Fisherman often try their luck below the bridge, and on hot August days the deep pool below the bridge often host swimmers and "leapers" who risk their necks jumping from the bridge deck.

Take highway 20 above Sweet Home to Cascadia and turn left on High Deck Road to see the bridge. This one is another must see.