Stewart Bridge -- 113K

Stewart Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-28

Stewart Bridge is another of Oregon's bypassed spans. The new concrete bridge is an arm's length away. But Stewart has become part of Lane County's mothball project. It has been fumigated to protect it from insect damage and one of its approaches was removed. It is now accessible only by foot.

The Howe Truss structure is 90 ft. long spanning Mosby Creek near Cottage Grove. It was originally built in 1930 and carried a 20 ton load limit until its closure in the mid 1980's. An unusual feature in Stewart Bridge is its deck. About two thirds of the way through is a hand hewn plank that raises the level of the deck by a deck board's thickness. It's sort of like an internal speed bump.

Like other Oregon Bridges, this one has also survived a few calamities. Both of its lower chords snapped in the 1964 Christmas flood, and in 1968, its roof caved in under the weight of three feet of snow during a freak winter storm. Both times repairs were effected to return the bridge to full capacity.

The bridge is near Mosby Creek bridge. Follow Row River Road from Cottage Grove for one mile to Mosby Creek Road. Turn Right, go over the railroad tracks and turn left. The bridge is at the intersection of Mosby Creek Road and Garoutte Road.