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Weddle Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-22-05

This is a 120 ft. Howe Truss bridge built in 1937 near Scio, Oregon which was relocated to Sweet Home, Oregon where it now spans Ames Creek. The bridge is located in the community's Sankey Park. Inside the bridge, a bronze plaque affixed to the siding which tells the history:

Weddle Covered Bridge

The history of the Weddle Covered Bridge is rich in detail. Originally constructed over Thomas Creek west of Scio, Oregon in 1937, it proudly stood for almost five decades as an important transportation and social feature of Linn County. In the early 1980's the bridges was bypassed as its structure could no longer support heavy traffic loads safely due to failure of a main truss. Linn County did not expend monies to repair the bridge. Under protest from some, the bridge was dismantled and the salvaged framework stored in 1987. The community of Sweet Home obtained these salvaged materials from Linn County and through dedicated efforts, restored the Weddle Covered Bridge to this Ames Creek site in 1989-1990, during an era when the historic value of Oregon's covered bridges was just being realized. It is our hope that future generations continue to admire the beauty and uniqueness of covered bridge structures, and strive to preserve Oregon's covered bridge heritage.

The Weddle Covered Bridge Restoration Project Committee

Take highway 20 to Sweet Home, turn right at the traffic light at 12th Street and go two blocks to Kalmia Street. Turn Left and continue two block to where the road veers right and continue on another two blocks to Sankey Park.