Widing Bridge  -- 18K

Widing Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-26-X1

What can I say? The picture says it for me.

This bridge is sometimes referred to as "the lost Widing bridge" or "the Hidden Widing bridge". Few people, including long-time local residents, know of its existance, and now, it is practically buried in brush. In better days, the late Glenn Arn Widing liked covered bridges so much that he had this one built on the driveway to his mansion, but airport expansion has all but wiped out any trace of this estate and if the bridge is still stands today, itís future is grim.


The Widing Covered Bridge is indeed lost now. It no longer exists. The approximate location of this bridge is now occupied by a Burger King and a McDonalds. In recent years, considerable industrial expansion has occured in this area. There is now a paved road called Glen Widing Drive running North and South, as well as Airport Way running East and West through this area

I do not advise a visit to this bridge, but if you must there is a steep narrow access road off the south side of Marine Drive (which runs along the crest of a flood control berm). You can park there and walk maybe 1000 ft. to the bridge. It is unlikely that you will be able to turn around at the bottom and when you leave you will have to back out onto heavily traveled Marine Drive. The closest cross street is 122nd. In the winter when the leaves are off the trees you can catch a glimpse of it from Marine drive.