Wildcat Creek Bridge  -- 17K

Wildcat Creek Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-20-04

At the confluence of Wildcat Creek and the Siuslaw River stands Wildcat Bridge in one of the most scenic areas in the state. Need I mention that it is a must see bridge?

This is another of Lane County's bridges with Massive single timber chords. The bottom chords measure 16" x 16" x 113 feet on this Howe truss span. The actual bridge length is 75 ft., and the bridge was assembled in 1925.

Wildcat was once a link on the main road to the coast, but that route was bypassed in 1930 by a new highway. It had seen its measure of traffic and over the years and had recently shown signs of wear with the load limit being set at 2 tons. In 1990, it was completely renovated and restored to its 20 ton load limit.

Take highway 126 west from Eugene, check your odometer at Eugene's Beltline road and continue for 28 miles to the Whitaker Creek/Clay Creek Recreation Area turnoff. Make a left and then go back under the highway and railroad bridges about a half mile to the bridge.