Wimer Bridge -- 78K

Wimer Bridge

World Guide Number: 37-15-05

Wimer Bridge is a queenpost span of 85 ft. with flying buttress supports crossing Evans Creek. This bridge, like Lost Creek Bridge, is in dispute over its construction date. Locals claim 1892, but records indicate that it was replaced in 1927. If it were only repaired in 1927 then it would be older than Lost Creek Bridge (1919) and Lincoln County’s Drift Creek Bridge (1914), but not as old as Lost Creek Bridge’s claim which was between 1874 and 1881.

The bridge has survived numerous replacement plans, the latest being in 1985 when the bridge was renovated and restored by the citizens of the area to its 8 ton load limit for vehicular traffic.

From the town of Rouge River take Evans Creek Road 7 miles north to Wimer. You will cross the bridge to enter the townsite.