~ Hi, I'm Chloe ~

Chloe Schmoe

     I'm the world's happiest Schipperke. Actually, all Schipperkes are pretty happy little dogs, but I feel like I got all the others beat.

     I live in Oregon 'n' it's really pretty here, but it gets almost as cold as it does in Belgium! That's were Schipperkes come from. Check out the link at the bottom if you wanna know about that Anyway, it's pretty, but it gets real cold here. You don't believe me? Well, just click the word cold and you'll see!

flipping out

     Some of the things I really like to do are eating people food (when I can sneak it), running in big circles out in the yard, and whining in the car on the way to the beach.

     I can also do lots'a tricks. Real good ones, too! Look up above here. I'm doing one for you right now... that is, if you waited for the whole picture of me to load. Then you can see it. You might even say "tricks" is my middle name! I can jump through a hoop, roll over and play dead, and even dance on my hind legs, but I better stop braggin'. All us Schipperkes are pretty smart, some almost as smart as me! Pioneer Chloe

     If you'd like to learn more about me and my pals, they have just about everything you could ever want to know about us at the Schipperke Club of America. Take a look some time.

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