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Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace:

  • Produced by Toei Doga
  • 56 TV Episodes and 2 Film Specials
  • Originally aired from March 1977 through March 1978
  • Created by Leiji Matsumoto and Dan Kobayshi

Last revised: 12/08/2001

danguard2.jpg Welcome to my Wakusei Robo (Planetary Robot) Danguard Ace site! Here you'll find out (hopefully) what you wish to know about this rather obscure Leiji Matsumoto classic. Matsumoto-sama (the true manga god IMO) has created great manga (Japanese for "comics") such as Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, Queen Emeraldas, The Cockpit, and co-created the most famous world-wide; Space Battleship Yamato. Danguard Ace (to my knowledge) is his first and only of the "super robot" genre.

I grew up watching Danguard Ace back in 1981 when it was broadcast in New England as part of Force Five. I was in the sixth grade back then and I used to rush home from school every afternoon to watch Force Five at 3 pm and Star Blazers (the US version of Yamato) was on right after that at 3:30 on WXNE 25 Boston. Danguard was on every Monday as each day after, Force Five had a different Toei Anime show on. It breaks down like this:

*Their original Japanese names are in parentheses followed by the shows creator. and original # of episodes.

  1. Mondays- Danguard Ace (Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace) by Leiji Matsumoto <56>
  2. Tuesdays- Starvengers (Getter Robo G) by Go Nagai <39>
  3. Wednesdays- Space Keteers (SF Sayuki Starzinger) by Leiji Matsumoto <64>
  4. Thursdays- Grandizer (UFO Robo Grendizer) by Go Nagai <74>
  5. Fridays- GaiKing (Daiku Maryu Gaiking) <44>

A Few Words On Force Five:

Force Five was the packaging of 5 Toei Doga anime and produced by Jim Terry Productions in 1980. Only 26 episodes of each of the 5 shows were dubbed into English and brought into Force Five. Jim Terry tried to take the most generic episodes (ones that you didn't have to watch in order) not following a direct storyline. More or less, it was <insert super hero robot here> versus the "baddie mecha of the week." Only 2 of the 5 shows actually showed endings. They were Starvengers and Gaiking. The other 3 ended with generic "filler" type episodes with no real affects to the plot... Disappointing if you ask me, but I loved the show nonetheless.

In 1981, movie versions of each show was released by FHE (Family Home Entertainment). It was just the cramming of the 26 episodes (of their respective shows) into 110 minute flicks. Unfortunately, when these movies were being made one of the voice actors (who was present in the TV show version) did not return for his voice roles. I know in the credits they list the voice actors but the credits never mentioned which actor did which character's voice... This actor (in the TV episodes) voiced Captain Mask, Commissar Krell, Butch, Marcus, Patty, Captain Stache, Colonel Harkin, Jesse Dart (I think), Orion Quest, General Bellicose, Panhandle Morgan, and even Dr. Pills.

As for the TV episodes, only the first two episodes of each of the 5 shows are available commercially. Right now Parade Video has the rights. Danguard Ace's original first episode did not make it into the Force Five mix. So, "Enter Captain Mask" is actually episode 2 from the original series.
There was one fundamental difference I found strange... In the Grandizer TV episodes, the main character was Johnny Valconian/Orion Quest, Prof. Valconian's adopted son. In the movie version by FHE, he was known as Johnny Bryant, "Panhandle" Morgan's mysterious hired ranch hand. Go figure... :)


This is a fan site and is not endorsed by the show's rights holder- Toei Doga or its creators- Leiji Matsumoto and Dan Kobayshi. It is to inform other fans of this great Matsumoto classic.

This site is best viewed at 800x600 resolution on IE 5.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.7.

Special thanks to Rama for doing the video captures from my LD's.



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