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Page Last Updated: Thursday, August 13, 2015 5:46 PM

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Dancing Panda Welcome To Daniel's Multiple U.S. Panda Cam Feeds (Auto Cam Refresh) Dancing Panda

Featuring: National, Atlanta, Memphis, & San Diego Zoos Webcams

~ Featuring: 10 Minute Zoo Atlanta Auto Cam Auto Refresh ~

The Best Thing To Happen To Panda Lovers Since Black & White Became Fashionable

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Exclamation August 13, 2015 Exclamation

Dear Fans,

I never thought that I would be writing this, but it has come time for the panda cam page, along with associated pages, to go offline effective September 7, 2015. In April 2013, I announced that I would put re-adding the upgraded Smithsonian’s National Zoo cams on the back burner and focus my attention on overhauling all my pages, since there were a lot of things that needed to be updated and fixed. Fast forward to the present, and nothing has been done. Overhauling all the pages is not only time consuming, but I also don’t have the time that I need to perform the overhaul. I will miss doing my Halloween and Christmas/Holidayspecial edition pages. This decision was not an easy one. When I started, I had one goal, which was to bring the U.S. Panda Cams together on one page. It started with a few pages in April 2007 and got bigger and better as the years went on.

It has not been easy to find the time to maintain the site with my busy schedule. Also, as of October 8, 2015, Xfinity/Comcast Personal Websites will be discontinued. It has been a fun 8 year ride. A big thank you to all my fans, for this page was created for all of you. Thank you for supporting me over the years. This is not a final goodbye, as my panda cam Facebook page will continue to live on for the time being. Down the line, I may consider purchasing a domain.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Want to say hii? Contact me at: danielspandacams@yahoo.com

Follow and check out my photography on Flickr.

Your webmaster, Daniel Reidel


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 National Zoo Panda Cam #1 National Zoo Panda Cam #2

The web cams are owned and operated by the respective zoos

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