Welcome to this site documenting my exploration of our family roots. I am new to this venture. What you will read on my pages is not the definitive story of family history; rather it is the unfolding of my understanding of the genealogy of our branch of the Falkenburg family.

Someone asked 'why don't you hire a professional genealogist to do this?' To me the excitement is in the exploration. It is like following a trail of clues. Some are clear and concise, while others are incomplete and contain errors. Often the trail leads along circuitous paths to dead ends. While the process can be frustrating, uncovering the family legacy is tremendously exciting. Deciding to follow the path myself is a bit like deciding which is better, visiting the Grand Canyon and exploring its intricacies, or buying a video and sitting on the couch, viewing the experience through another person's perspective.

Oral family history described the family as originating from German aristocracy and there were tales about castles in our past. While my research does not make a connection to this legacy, I have put together a webpage documenting the Falkenburg castles of Germany. The family name has deep roots in German culture. I have included a page dedicated to the legends and myths associated with Falkenburg.

Our branch of the Falkenburg family flows through Captain Solomon Falkenburg. Born about 1843 in New Jersey, Solomon lived in Little Egg Harbor, Burlington County. He moved to Brooklyn, New York in the late nineteenth century. According to the oral history of our family, Solomon sailed around the world and visited many exotic places. On what was to be his last journey at sea, Solomon was washed overboard, while at the ship's wheel, during an Atlantic Falkenburg coat of armshurricane. As I begin the exploration of the origins of my family, it appears that many of our ancestors were sailors and sea captains. Solomon's loss at sea appears to have been the tragic fate of many members of this great seafaring family.

My research focuses on the Falkenburg family, with the root of this tree anchored in my own generation. The mixing of the Falkenburg line with many other families (Lippincott, Cranmer, Gregson, Rossi, and others) provides the rich gene pool which leads to my children and grandchildren. The Other Families link in the menu at the top of each page will take you to a list of these families. As I continue my research there will be a growing number of links to follow.

There is a rapidly expanding set of resources on the world wide web. The Resources section contains many I have found useful. The proliferation of information on the web grows daily. Most interesting is the increasing availability of on-line copies of historical books and documents. The Google Books Library Project is designed to help find books including digitized versions of out of print books. Google has formed a partnership with many leading libraries worldwide to provide a fascinating portal to learning. You will find more about this in the Resources section of the web site.

While the web is growing in importance to researchers, it also provides a challenge. It is so easy to gather information and to copy it everywhere (often without attribution to the sources). Simple errors in records (1843 is transcribed as 1834, for example) can be replicated over many web sites. The ability to append family trees from others into our own documentation is a wonderful tool, but if there are errors, again these are replicated many times.

On this web site I have tried to be careful with my citations. At the bottom of each page are notes for that page and a link to a full list of references. Notes are indicated in the text by curly brackets {JNF.1}. Here I include: differences in data cited by different authors, expanded narrative, attribution for quoted material, etc. Where available the notes and references link to on-line materials.

I hope that you will enjoy this site. As I learn more, it not only expands, but evolves in its structure. I am actively engaged in developing content, so come back and visit. At the top of this home page is a link to What's New? Here I will attempt to list substantive additions and changes in the site. If in visiting the site you have additional information you would like to share, or see an error or different interpretation of the facts I have included, I invite you to contact me and help make this site as accurate as possible.

Don Falkenburg
San Jose, CA

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sons of Captain Samuel Falkinburg

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