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Tennessee River Anglers is a tournament bass fishing club that uses a team format for all its events. T.R.A. holds tournaments on Lakes Chickamauga, Nick-a-Jack, Guntersville and Weiss.

Chickamauga Lake


Steve and Bobby Vipond


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Tournament 1 Chickamauga - Johnny Leamon and Tim Forester 17lbs13oz

Tournament 2 Guntersville - Steve and Ray Brodie 19lbz12oz

Tournament 3 Weiss - Phil Wooten and Kenneth 20lbs7ozs

Tournament 4 Chickamauga- Steve and Ray Brodie 20lbs7ozs

Tournament 5 Nickajack - Phil Wooten and Kenneth Hill 18lbs3oz

Tournament 6 Chickamauga - Steve and Bobby Vipond 16lbs2ozs

Tournament 7 Nickajack - Todd Driver and David Holder 16lbs 2oz

Tournament 8 Chickamauga - Steve and Bobby Vipond 13lbs 6ozs

2014 schedule posted


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